Wool Blankets & Throws

Wrap yourself in comfort and tradition with our Wool Blankets & Throws. Crafted from premium wool, these blankets and throws offer both warmth and style, perfect for cozy nights by the fire or lazy mornings in bed. Explore our collection now and experience the enduring quality of wool for your home.

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  1.   Danan Luxury Wool Blanket - Various Colours
  2.   Feàrna Shawl Dulse
    Out of stock
    Eas Fors Feàrna Shawl Dulse
  3.   Feàrna Shawl Night Blue
    Eas Fors Feàrna Shawl Night Blue
  4.   Ochre Gingham Wool Blanket
  5.   Warm Blue Gingham Wool Blanket
  6.   Botanical Green Gingham Wool Blanket
  7.   Fern Green Check Cabin Wool Blanket
  8.   Deep Teal Check Cabin Wool Blanket
  9.   Burnt Orange Check Cabin Wool Blanket
  10.   Berry Check Cabin Wool Blanket
  11.   Warm Blue Checked Stripe Wool Blanket
  12.   Apple Checked Stripe Wool Blanket
  13.   Moorland Border Wool Blanket
  14.   Merino Wool Throws
    Scooms Merino Wool Throws
Set Descending Direction

14 Items

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