Pillow Buying Guide

The Crown Of Your Bed

The humble pillow is the crown of the bed, there to cradle our heads and gently align our necks for a cushioned and comfortable slumber. If you think you’re using the wrong kind of pillow however, or that it’s simply just time for a new one, our Pillow Guide is here to help you find your perfect sleeping companion.

A few points to consider

If you spy some unpleasant stains or odours, or find yourself having an allergic reaction after sleeping, it’s probably time for a new pillow. But instead of finding any ordinary replacement off the shelves, take into account the following:

  • Sleeping Position
  • Firmness
  • Allergies

It’s important to select a pillow that will strike the right balance between support and comfort, and one that caters specifically to your individual sleeping habits, such as sleeping position. We’re all different, and that shouldn’t mean you have to compromise to find a pillow that fits you best.


For those who tend to sleep on their backs or stomachs, soft pillows are recommended. A relatively thin pillow with plenty of cushioning is ideal to embrace the head whilst you drift off to dreamland.

Our suggestions? Go for:

  • Coze - Feather Down Pillows: This range offers the ultimate luxury in the form of incredibly plush and soft pillows of varying ratios of Pyrenean duck feather to down. Pick your ideal type to enjoy the sweetest of dreams.
  • Peony Box - Silk Filled Pillow: These silk pillows are beautifully soft yet supportive. They contain a hollow fibre core, wrapped in approximately 400 layers of the finest pure long mulberry silk.


Side sleepers should ideally use a firmer, slightly thicker pillow than their back-sleeper counterparts, helping to align their spine during sleep. The base/core of the pillow should also maintain its shape and height, withstanding the weight of your head, whilst also cradling your head in the right position. And for those with broad shoulders, we would recommend two pillows - the firmest and broadest of which should be placed beneath a softer, flatter pillow on top.

Our suggestions? Go for:

  • Hügge’s Individually Wrapped Pocket Spring Pillow: This pillow champions its unique bounce-back-ability with springs that adapt to your movement at night. It never flattens, which makes it perfect in retaining shape to align the spine during slumber.
  • Panda’s Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow: Inside the pillow is a three-tiered visco memory foam core which maintains its structure regardless of pressure and weight. It provides support to the head from any angle.

Best of both worlds

If you’re the type who switches position throughout the night, or you’re looking to switch around the firmness of your pillow from time to time, why not try something that offers both softness and support?

Our suggestions? Go for:

  • Coze - 3 Chamber Luxury Pillow: This pillow is special in that it has a firm core, made of 90% Pyrenean duck feather to support, whilst the softer outer layer is filled with 70% Pyrenean duck down for plush comfort.
  • Otty - OTTY Deluxe Pillow: Featuring a unique cool blue gel which perfectly regulate the body’s temperature throughout the night and soft cushioning memory foam, the OTTY Pillow is highly acclaimed for its forward-thinking design.
  • Emma - The Emma Pillow: The 3-layer combination is able to give you a individual height making it perfect for everyone. Whether cosy or supportive. For sweet dreams every night.
  • House Babylon - Goose Down and Feather Pillow: Sink your face into House Babylon's divine goose feather and down pillow for the absolute harmony between softness and support
  • Herdysleep - British White & Herdwick Wool Pillow: Filled with a blend of British white wool and Herdwick wool, and encased in a 100% cotton cover, the herdysleep pillow is naturally supportive and luxuriously comfortable.

No more sniffles

If you find yourself coughing, wheezing, or generally feeling uncomfortable after sleep, chances are you’re allergic to a material inside your pillow. A simple solution is to buy pillows made from hypoallergenic materials that keep dust mites and bacteria at bay.

Our suggestions? Go for:

  • Hullygood’s Buckwheat Pillow: A pillow filled with buckwheat husks may not immediately sound appealing. However, based upon a Lithuanian tradition dating back centuries, buckwheat husks have long been suggested to resist dust mites and help reduce aches and pains by "conforming perfectly to your body contours”, promoting restful and restorative sleep. Hullygood’s Buckwheat Pillow does precisely that, moulding to the contours of your head and neck for a wonderfully snug sleeping experience. The pillow’s case is made of bamboo linen, which guarantees a soft and silky touch, whilst ensuring all those nasty microbes are kept at bay.