Get Whiter Teeth While You Sleep

Get Whiter Teeth While You Sleep

You’ve spent hours brushing your teeth, using whitening strips, and reduced your wine and coffee intake. But why are your teeth still not bright white? Many of us want sparkling white teeth, influenced in part by American movie stars, all of whom seem to have dazzling smiles. Try these tips for a smile that shines – all while your fast asleep.

Prevention vs Cure

Avoid foods that will stain your teeth before going to bed. This seems obvious, but that’s because sometimes the basics are best. If you do treat yourself, say, to a couple of glasses of red wine with your evening meal, it’s not the end of the world – but best to brush your teeth as soon afterwards as possible, if you want that bright white smile.

Floss your teeth

You should spend around a third of your day asleep. That means around eight hours without any kind of dental care! The first, best step, is to make sure you’re properly cleaning before you even go to sleep. So the first step is that dentist-approved yet oft-forgot part of your dental routine: flossing. A key step that has been recommended since 1815, flossing is easy to miss but very important. Floss your teeth before bed to make sure there’s no nasty particles left behind that could be causing stains while you sleep.

Teeth get thirsty too!

During the night, your mouth will reduce its saliva production. This is especially true if you breathe from your mouth while asleep, as is often the case. Not only is this one of the major causes of morning breath, it could also be damaging your teeth. The antibacterial properties of saliva protect from decay, as well as any germs attacking in the night. To try to prevent this, take sips of water whenever you wake in the night, and make sure to drink some right before sleeping. If you’re still waking feeling overly dehydrated, it might be time to invest in a humidifier. 

It doesn’t matter how much you work on your teeth overnight if you aren’t brushing them properly. For beautiful pearly whites, we recommend using the MyMouth Bamboo Toothbrush in Pink. Plus, it’s good for the planet, as MyMouth’s toothbrushes were designed to be an eco-friendly solution to the ongoing global plastic issue. You could even get matching ones for your kids!

MyMouth - Bamboo Toothbrush - Pink
By Eloise Brooks

Content Writer at myza

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