TravelBella Luxury Silk Sleep Mask Review


Why A Sleep Mask Is Your Ultimate Beauty & Sleep Companion

Sleep is a serious issue; it’s can actually be a social divider between the haves and have nots. If you’re getting enough, you most likely don’t talk about it; if you’re not, it’s probably ALL you can talk about. And there are a lot of us talking, with over a third of us not getting the recommended seven hours of sleep each night.
If you are part of the sleep-deprived segment of the population, we have one small, simple suggestion that could genuinely help you get a better night’s sleep; wear a sleep mask. Sleep masks aren’t just a fashion statement, you can net some serious sleep mask benefits, all you have to do is block out that ambient light.

Why is blocking the light out so important? A process that heavily influences our desire to sleep is the “body clock,” also known as your circadian rhythm, and light, natural or otherwise, is a major element that helps your body clock figure out whether it’s time to be awake or go to sleep. If there’s a lot of light flooding in, then your circadian rhythm thinks it’s time to be awake, so it suppresses a myriad of chemicals, including melatonin a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. If it’s dark, then more melatonin is produced, and your circadian rhythm thinks it’s time for bed. In addition to making us feel sleepy, the amount of melatonin in your body also increases as you sleep, pushing you farther into the sleep cycle. Some sleep experts have even gone so far as to suggest that it’s not a lack of sleep we’re struggling with, but a lack of darkness! Which brings us back to sleep masks. Are we likely to get any real benefits from sleep masks? Although sleep experts would still encourage you to put away your phone and shut down all screens an hour before bed, a study has shown that wearing an eye mask can result in more REM sleep and elevated melatonin levels. So, this small, tiny change can have a big impact on how we sleep, with light being one of the primary things we can control to minimise sleep disruption.

TravelBella Sleep Masks
TravelBella Sleep Masks

So, what kind of sleep mask should you look for? You want one that actually blocks light, meaning it needs to properly fit your face. Options that have the nose carved out or that lie flush against your cheek and brow bones may work best. You’ll also want to find a fabric that feels comforting to you.

Even if you don’t have a sleep problem you may enjoy the mask anyway. There’s something very soothing about having a soft mask over the eyes and it can have a calming effect for many, ensuring that when they rest their heads, they are completely blocking out the world for a distraction-free snooze.

But where can you find a sleep mask that combines functionality with style?

Well, I was fortunate to trial a luxury eye mask from TravelBella who is all about beautiful and well-crafted silk products, designed and made in Britain. Made from 100% premium silk, my sleep mask in the gloriously rich Red Henna design, was hand finished in a beautiful black contrast piping. The mask is also available in a range of equally beautiful prints and jewel like colours.
Silk has become a key component of our beauty regimes, especially when it comes to sleep and ultra-soft and hypo-allergenic silk sleep masks are no exception, providing gentle surfaces for our skin whilst we sleep and reducing irritation, not to mention lessening the friction that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

The TravelBella sleep mask came with its own cute little box, making it also the perfect gift for that special someone. I found the padding in the mask to be light but perfectly sufficient to block all light, and the silk felt deliciously soft on my skin. The mask was the perfect accompaniment for what turned out to be an eight-hour snooze! I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well – it actually transformed my night – and my morning.
So, my advice is simple, with all the benefits of this sleep mask at your disposal, you should definitely embrace the glamour. Your body will definitely thank you for it!

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By The Myza Editorial Team

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