Sweet, Sweet Valentine

Love is in the air as February 14th approaches, with Cupid’s arrow and your shopping cart at the ready to celebrate your loved one, or simply yourself if you’re a strong, independent (wo)man who don’t need nobody. Whether it’s a case of “treat your partner” or “treat yo self”, myza’s ultimate Valentine’s Day gift list has you covered for what to buy to add a touch of romance and warmth to these frosty, but lovely, days.

Ready To Mingle
Get date face ready with 001 London’s Supreme Equilibrium Mask, designed to battle frosty weather and unveil your natural rosy glow just in time for your Valentine’s Day schedule. With a powerhouse of ingredients like frankincense, myrrh, Manuka honey and gingko leaf extracts at its core, the mask tackles dry and dull skin with some TLC and by promoting collagen and elastin production. Complete with brown marine algae to enhance the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier, the mask promises to leave you fresh-faced, sensual, and ready to mingle.

001 London's Supreme Equilibrium Mask
001 London’s Supreme Equilibrium Mask

Embrace the “stay in bed all day” look with The Reach London’s unisex bathrobes, available in pearly whites and royal navy blues. Coming beautifully wrapped in delicate tissue paper and gift-boxed with black satin ribbon, the robes are made entirely from pure Turkish cotton with a wide shawl collar, tie belts and pockets. They guarantee a soft, fluffy cuddle – perfect for romantically lounging away the day in with your partner. Why not pair it with lush Perilla alpaca fur socks, or a silky Radice eye mask, to complete the look, and to look luxurious as you enjoy each other’s kindred romantic spirit?

The Reach London's Unisex Full Length Turkish Bathrobe
The Reach London’s Unisex Full Length Turkish Bathrobe

Cuddles Galore
Nothing sounds better than a cosy snuggle with your partner, under the warmth and comfort of a luxurious Tolly McRae throw. Available in a number of colours and shades to fit the aesthetic of any home, the super soft blanket is crafted from 100% fine merino wool in the British Isles, meaning that silkiness and insulation work hand-in-hand for the ultimate woollen embrace. Curl up on your sofa or in bed, and keep the cold away and the love in with a lush Tolly McRae hug.

Tolly McRae's Throws
Tolly McRae’s Throws

Crowns for Kings and Queens
The pillow is the crown of the bed – plush and comforting. So, this Valentine’s Day, rest your romantic souls in lavish and blissfully smooth embrace of a Coze pillow. Available in different levels of softness, the pillows are fashioned from varying ratios of Pyrenean duck feather to duck down, and are encased in 100% cotton in 200 (or more!) thread count pillow cases. Fit for royalty, the pillows are perfect to sink your heads into and gaze lovingly into your partner’s eyes this romantic season.

Coze Pillows
Coze Pillows

Be Benevolent
Wake up on the right side of the bed this Valentine’s Day with a Lumie Bodyclock – a dawn stimulator and alarm clock to keep your spirits high on a day filled with love and happiness. The gradually brightening light naturally boosts cortisol levels to wake you up feeling refreshed and energised, and the music function will allow you to customise your alarm tone for a gentle wake-up call instead the dreaded beeps on your mobile phone. Whether this is a gift for yourself or for both you and your partner, the Lumie clocks turn away winter morning blues and pave the way for a cheerful day for love and benevolence in the air.

Lumie's Bodyclock
Lumie’s Bodyclock



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