Sweet Lullaby Soothing Body Soufflé Review

Sweet Lullaby Soothing Body Soufflé

I have a massive sweet tooth, and the prospect of eating dessert at the end of any meal makes me very excited. So when I heard about Lola’s Apothecary’s Sweet Lullaby Soothing Body Soufflé, I was (quite naturally) eager to try it out.

The first thing that struck me about the Soufflé was its smell. It has a sweet, sweet (true to its name) fragrance, with strong notes of vanilla that reminded me of creamy gelato I once had during a trip to Italy. There was a delicate cinnamon and clove after-scent that lingered for a slightly spicy finish.

Aesthetically, it looks delicious to the point where I was in two minds as to whether I needed to apply it on my skin, or start spooning it into my mouth. Encased in a gorgeous pale blue tub with a creamy yet airy texture, having been whipped to perfection, the Soufflé often left me wondering if I had anything under my fingertips at all due to its cloud-soft feel.

Admittedly, I think about pudding a lot, but I was (pleasantly) surprised to find that this cream reminded me of the French dessert a lot. Indeed, I was looking forward to lathering this all over my arms and legs.

A luscious blend of shea butter, coconut butter and camellia oil, the cream glided over my clean skin, as I used it as part of my post-shower bedtime routine. I realised that just a little went a long way, as just a small dollop was enough to cover a large portion of my legs. It even absorbed immediately, without leaving me to feel like a sticky, oily mess.

What I loved most, however, was the lovely smell; I simply fell in love with the scent and couldn’t stop sniffing my palms to inhale its alluring spiciness. I found the fragrance incredibly calming, taking me back to some sweet memories. Before I knew it, I was asleep. What a lullaby it was.

When I woke up the following morning, I was met with supple, soft, and completely nourished skin. Often with other creams, I find that their effects only last a few hours through the night, but on this occasion, I woke to find my body still smooth and moisturised, and ready to face the day without a pick-me-up. I suppose, packed with a rich cocktail of vitamins A, E, and F, and plenty of beneficial fatty acids, the Soufflé is designed to battle the tough effects of winter dry skin or sun damage.

I can’t recommend this cream enough to those in need of a winter fix for parched and tight skin. Word of caution however: it really does smell and look good enough to eat, so keep an eye on what’s dessert for the stomach, and dessert for the skin!

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By The Myza Editorial Team

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