The Amazing Benefits of Superfoods


Superfoods – Are they the solution to pretty much all of your bodily woes?

When it comes to our health choices, we all want to be at optimal functioning, having boundless energy and extreme vitality. Even so, we often prefer pleasure over health, poisoning our body with crackers, candy bars or artisanal sodas, or spend our time hunting for diets that in the end have disastrous results for our well-being.

But for those who are ready to try something different, without taking the blissful taste of real food off the table, there’s something far more nutritious and potent out there that can be a solution to pretty much all of our bodily needs: SUPERFOODS

They contain a wide range of essential micronutrients that deliver exceptional health benefits, offering maximum nutritional support for minimal calories.

But why are superfoods so super?

Superfoods are natural nutrient bombs, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our body needs to stay disease free and run smoothly. In comparison to other foods, they stem from organic farming, are unprocessed and very potent. Their unique compounds can protect our immunity system and heal by killing harmful bacteria in our guts, they can neutralise inflammation and even reverse existing cell damage.

Superfoods really have the whole package: they fill us up with the right nutrients, they are digestible and easy to incorporate in our diet, and they are nature’s most efficient way to keep our body healthy.

Basically, superfoods are what we talk about when we talk about healthy food.

Here are the best reasons to fall in love with them;

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1. They’re Nutrient Rich!

Considering that the foods we’re buying daily from the supermarket come from minerals depleted soils, superfoods are packed with goodness and loaded with nutrients in every bite.

2. They Fight Off Disease!

Having high amounts of easy absorbable antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, superfoods can prevent and fight chronic diseases way better than synthetic vitamins.

3. With a Little you Gain a Lot!

Superfoods are the most potent sources of nutrients you can get at a reasonable price to boost your daily nutrition.

4. They Improve Your Appearance!

Due to their alkalising and antioxidant properties, superfoods can fight all anti-ageing signs from wrinkles to age spots, making your health shine from the inside out.


5. They Give You Loads of Energy!

These metabolism-boosting foods can help you stay alert, improve focus and concentration and recharge you when you hit that midday slump.

6. They’re Waistline Friendly!

Improving metabolic control and suppressing the expansion of fat tissue, superfoods can help your waistline, fighting fat that is mostly associated with chronic inflammation.

7. They Help You Feel Amazing!

When you feed the cells with everything they need in order to thrive, your body is flooded with goodness and you will feel and look amazing.

Being among the healthiest edibles in the world, these nutrient-rich, natural seeds, roots and berries can help us avoid the nutritional stress that our body gets from overdosing with synthetic flavours, genetically modified food, and other health drainers like pollution or radiation.

We all want to feel good. We all want our brains to be active. We all want to perform at our best and fuel our body well. For this, we need to understand that this collection of micro-nutrients can save us from nutritional deficiencies, delivering ungodly energy, a disease-proof body, and drop-dead radiance.

So, are you ready to clog your fridge with pouches of pulverised roots, seaweed dust and fruits powders?  

Even if eating superfoods is one of the best decisions you can make, the fast pace of our modern lifestyle leaves us little time to provide this balanced nutrition for our body ourselves. Superfoods are not so easy to find and they can be quite pricey, even if they are worth the money they demand.

By Carmen Nuelyfe

Founder of ALLKME

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