Soothing Mental Imagery For Sounder Sleep

Mental imagery can be an effective way to get your brain into sleep mode. Focusing on one image can help clear your mind of buzzing thoughts around your brain and relieve anxiety. In a way, it is a form of meditation, as it involves focused relaxation that forces the mind to concentrate on one image. Sleep experts recommend these as a way to bring sleep. They can also provide relief from physical and mental pain that delay sleep.

Certain mental images are scientifically proven to provide a particular boost to this process. This is sometimes known known as “guided imagery”. Certain colours or scenery has an effect that relaxes the brain and induces the effects that get the body ready to fall asleep. These settings are often highly peaceful and make drifting off easy. Knowing what mental imagery is most effective can help you make the most of this relaxation technique.

Any Blue Mental Imagery

mental imagery - blue

Ever noticed that a lot of sleep aids and apps are blue? Well, there’s a reason for this. Studies suggest that the colour blue promotes serenity and relaxation in body and mind that helps you get ready for bed. It may even promote more relaxed brainwaves and lower blood pressure that relieve stress and make us drowsy. Blue is a popular colour for bedrooms for this reason.

Soothing blue images may include:

  • a blue sky
  • the ocean
  • lakes and rivers
  • a pool of water

Something Cute

After all, what’s more relaxing than puppies and kittens? Not only is the idea of petting a furry friend relaxing and winds down stress levels. Moreover, the image alone can also help us sleep. Research has suggested that imagining the imagery of cute animals and other adorable things promotes a focus in our brains – perfect for meditation. This focus stems from our evolutionary need to concentrate on the young and vulnerable, such as newborns.

The Forest

We know that blue is a calming colour for sleep, but new research has suggested that the colour green could also have soothing superpowers. For instance, it is a natural colour that we associate with the outdoors. Biologically, we are attuned to find the natural world around us a safe space to be in.

Because of this, the forest is effective mental imagery for bedtime. Being surrounded by greenery in the forest makes the body feel calm and relieved of stress. This is why imagining yourself walking around the forest and envisioning its complex sights and sounds preoccupies our mind in a relaxing manner.

The Ocean

There’s a reason why many sleep noise apps contain ocean sounds. Firstly, its rhythmic nature allows us to sync our breathing and control our buzzing thoughts at bedtime. This helps clear our mind of stressful thoughts. Secondly, the imagery is good quality in terms of both relaxation and preoccupying our minds.

The blue colour of the ocean will promote calmer brainwaves in time for sleep. You can imagine any type of beach you want, preventing your mind from drifting and becoming distracted.

Mental Imagery Associated With Pleasant Memories

mental imagery - memories

When we are sleepy, it can be hard to concentrate. At the same time, when we can’t sleep, our mind may be restless in spite of our tiredness. Mental imagery needs to be strong in order for the brain to focus and not be distracted. This is where nice memories from your past can be useful.

Your memories are in the past, and therefore they cannot change. You will know the entire content of the memories, and therefore don’t have to come up with a new scenario or have any anxiety from unpleasant moments. Focusing on the positive will prompt your body and mind to feel safe.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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