A Sleepy Safety Guide to Being Bedroom Buddies With Your Pet

It can be difficult to say no to your pet giving you those big eyes at bedtime. Many dogs and cats love to give their owner company while they’re asleep – and for good reason. Some hyperactive pets can keep you up, or your bedding can get covered in hair. Still, sometimes it’s just too hard to say no. Animals associate sleeping near someone they trust as a place of security for them and for you. Your scent and your heart rate can be deeply comforting and relaxing for pets.

It may surprise you, but sleeping with your pet is proven to be good for us too. Studies have found that having a well-behaved dog or cat to cuddle up to can encourage you to fall asleep faster. It can also help those that suffer from depression and anxiety, promoting feel-good hormones. This can even help physical health issues, such as high blood pressure. To get the most out of your bedtime buddy, and ensure you’re both comfortable, it’s important to lay some ground rules to keep you and your furry friend safe.

Sleeping Safely With Your Pet

You’ll be relieved to know that animal experts do not consider sleeping with a pet in your bed to be dangerous. Still, it is important to ensure your pet is in good health before you consider it. Checking your pet’s health with an annual checkup is essential. Your pet being free of ticks, fleas, and other diseases will make sure you and your bed stay clean. If your pet is poorly from non-infectious conditions, consider if they should sleep next to you. This is especially important if rolling over onto your pet during the night could hurt them due to their condition.

If your dog or cat is especially tiny and fragile, perhaps sleeping next to someone isn’t for them. Bigger pets are fine if you nudge them while you sleep. A smaller one may get injured should you roll over in the night. Speaking of tiny beings, experts do not recommend that pets sleep with children. Due to the unpredictable nature of animals, your pet could scratch or bite your child. Children are often more infectious than adults, and your pet could catch a bug from them.

Pets that are not house-trained or are prone to accidents shouldn’t sleep next to you. This can make your bedding messy and unpleasant, or spread infection. If you find yourself allergic to their stray hairs, either sleep separately or take appropriate allergy medication.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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