sleep.bygrace: From Jaipur to Your Bedroom

Jaipur, India, is the home of luxurious quality silk. India is the world’s second raw silk producer, after China. It stands first and foremost in the world, however, for diversity of silk. It is the only nation that produces five different kinds of silk. Silk lies at the core of Indian culture and industry. For example, over 9.4 million citizens working in the silk-making industry.

Jaipur is a perfect example of India’s unique creative flair. Known as “the pink city”, the city centre is entirely a vibrant terracotta pink. Its unique look has become synonymous with worldwide representation of Indian design. For example, it is the subject of a popular Paul McCartney song, Riding Into Jaipur. It is also the setting of famous films, such as the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel series. In 2010, the city became a UNESCO world heritage site.

Jaipur, shown in the buildings, keeps creativity at its very heart. The rulers of Jaipur invited artisans and craftsmen to live in the city. This tradition continues to this very day. Arts and crafts are at every corner. These include jewellery making, textiles, and ivory carving. Tourists and Indian citizens alike come from across the world to sample these crafts


sleep.bygrace - from Jaipur to your bedroom

Yasmin Grace founded sleep.bygrace in 2020. The company is an independent silk pyjama brand that aims to make luxurious silk available to all. Silk is often a superior material in comparison to cotton pyjamas, being kinder to skin. Silk is a durable material. It can easily survive the wear and tear of everyday living. These pyjamas are made for frequent wear, as a permanent addition to your wardrobe.

sleep.bygrace works on a seasonal capsule collection basis. This is when a fashion collection is released, designed to be worn together. The brand releases collections of pyjamas with complimentary colours and designs. The pyjamas are made to be mixed and matched to your personal preference.

Nonetheless, these designs are timeless. Even when the brand adds to their collection frequently, these pyjamas will never be out of style. Silk has breathable qualities and strength that means it can be worn in any season. This is particularly the case for silk made in Jaipur. Jaipur is a world leader in quality silk making.

Jaipur to ‘Jamas

Yasmin Grace visited Jaipur on a trip in 2020. She was spellbound by the sheer variety of fabrics available in the city. This was especially true of the silk available there. Yasmin created her own pair of silk pyjamas upon meeting a local tailor. A creative alter-ego was then born for Yasmin. Jaipur designs were unlike anything in the UK. Yasmin had an idea. She would wed Jaipur design with her own personal style. From there, sleep.bygrace was born.

Yasmin kept in contact with the tailor that inspired her idea. Together, they went into business. They work in union to bring their cultural differences into one unique design. sleep.bygrace uses the same supplier that she met in Jaipur. The designs are authentic to the city, using Yasmin’s more British ideas about pyjamas. Luxury and comfort are the priority. They make one unique international brand as they work together.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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