Rugs & The Modern Bedroom


Ever stepped out of bed in the morning to place your feet on a floor that feel like you’re standing on a glacier? Then you know why it is a great idea to have a rug in the bedroom. Not only do you get the soft and warm sensation for your toes each morning, it also add a bit of decorative spice to your bedroom. That said, here’s a few tips to get the perfect rug for the modern bedroom.

Getting the right size

Many people prefer proportional and large rugs under the bed. However, a long rug placed in front of the bed is also a great solution and doesn’t require a big budget if this is your first rug in the bedroom.

Selecting an appropriate material

Material is very important. Aesthetically, it defines the texture, feel and look of your bedroom. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, our classics at Rug Solid includes a leather and cotton collection. Leather is a great choice during the colder months and creates a contemporary nordic look. Cotton creates a soft look while being incredibly comfortable.

Choosing the right colour

If you have a modern nordic style bedroom, neutral colours such as a beige leather rug or light grey cotton rug will be a great way to compliment wooden tones in your bedroom. If you choose a smaller rug you can always spice things up with a pop of colour, as long as it is coordinated.


Benefits of a rug in the bedroom

It Enhances Sound

A rug can enhance your life in many ways. It gives your room a calmer sound as it absorbs excess noise allowing you to experience a better, deeper and richer sound.

It keeps you warm

Nothing is better than to wake up and sink your toes into a warm and soft rug. A rug preserves the heat in your room, this is especially important for the colder months to come.

Cotton Rug - Eternity Blue
Cotton Rug – Eternity Blue

It helps ground your room

A rug can make your room feel more grounded, it provides depth to your floor and is a binding element that can tie together several objects, providing a coherent and balanced aesthetic.

Whether it is your first time choosing a rug or you’re an expert seeking miscellaneous tips and inspiration, we hope this will help you to find the perfect rug for your bedroom

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By Mads Steneman

Founder of Rug Solid

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