A Relaxing Routine to Aid a Good Night’s Sleep


If you’ve been struggling to sleep as of late, there could be a whole myriad of reasons. Anxiety, a particularly hectic day or worrying about tomorrow’s deadlines can all disrupt your mind and leave you wide awake. So, taking the time to carve out a relaxing routine is one of the most beneficial ways to help aid a good night’s sleep as it prepares your mind to relax and allows your body to benefit from a sound and restorative sleep.

Blooming Blends was created out of a need for quick results that fit into our existing busy lives – all of our products have been meticulously blended to help support modern life, and to give you a restorative boost when you need it. We listened to what our customers were looking for, and crafted botanical boosters to meet those needs. Aiding in getting to sleep faster and relaxing a rushing mind is one of our biggest requests, which is why we created Sleep Easy – in the form of both a relaxing botanical face and pillow mist and a soothing, traditional herbal tincture blend. Our best-selling Sleep Tincture is best taken right before bed, either directly under the tongue or diluted with a drink of water.


To prepare yourself for a relaxing wind-down routine, make sure to ditch your phone an hour before bed. The blue light emitted from the screen sends signals to your brain to keep you awake – the opposite of what you want before bed! Instead, spend some time enjoying non-digital activities – reading a book or magazine, journaling, indulging skin with a pamper, taking a warm bath… Anything that will help you to fully relax.

Another great step in establishing your relaxing routine is to have some dedicated sleep wear. Comfortable to wear, and something that you only wear whilst in bed – the act of putting on your sleep wear regularly helps to signal that your working day is over, and your relaxing night of sleep is moments away. Once tucked in bed, we always reach over to our nightstand and then spritz with our instantly-soothing Sleep Easy facial mist. Allowing a little mist to reach your pillow will let the soothing botanical extracts lull you into a deeper and more restful slumber.

Enjoy crafting your very own relaxing routine; the key is consistency, and making the entire process an enjoyable ritual to end your day with every night.

By Fleur Sladen

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