Pure Savvy Close of Play Overnight Radiance Serum Review

Pure Savvy promises its consumers that their products will deliver “maximum results with minimal effort”. For Pure Savvy, this means delivering high-impact results using only natural ingredients. This “less is more” approach means a reduced list of ingredients compared to many other serums on the market. Instead, there is a philosophy of using only core ingredients that will do the work of multiple. These ingredients are given the opportunity to maximise their skincare potential, uninhibited.

Skincare products that have less chemicals have many benefits. For those with sensitive skin or allergies, having as natural a skincare product as possible is a must. For those concerned with sustainability, chemicals can cause serious harm to the planet. Even commonly found chemical ingredients, such as alcohol, can cause problems for those without allergies. Alcohol is known to dry out the skin, making it counteractive to moisturising. Alcohol and similar chemicals are also thought to break down the skin’s natural barriers. This means your skincare could do more harm than good.

Pure Savvy Close of Play Overnight Radiance Serum

Pure Savvy - Close of Play Overnight Radiance Serum 30ml
Pure Savvy – Close of Play Overnight Radiance Serum 30ml

Upon first applying the Overnight Radiance Serum, my skin instantly felt different. The skin is instantly hit with a flash of freshness. The serum is a yellow colour, and has a similar zing to the feeling of fresh lemon. The skin feels almost pulled tighter, but not in a bad way. The pull is not overly tight or uncomfortable. Rather, it is more like how I imagine a facelift would feel. The face feels fresher and actively being treated by a series of powerful ingredients. My face also felt plumper, as if new life had just been given to the skin. This would be particularly useful on mature skin.

The serum contains papaya fruit extract, an enzyme designed to break down dead skin. This creates the feeling of fresher and brighter skin. The instant feeling of different, healthier skin is to be expected from a tropical fruit. The product also contains spilanthes acmella, derived from the paracress plant. Its muscle-relaxing properties that is thought to allow products to better work into the skin. This helps build stronger, firmer skin by building up antioxidants. This is what creates the serum’s natural facelift effect.

First Impressions

I applied the serum before bed and left it on overnight. By the next morning, the difference was clear. I have rather oily skin, but the next day my skin felt less greasy, but more moisturised. This is usually a difficult balance to have. I am prone to allergies, so serums can often make me break out. However, I had no issue thanks to these natural ingredients.

I had a few spots that were healing at the time of my first application. Over the next few days, even by the first morning, there was a notable reduction in redness. The serum managed to moisturise this particularly dry area.This benefit comes from the serum’s hyaluronic acid. This acid is naturally produced by the body, and is found in many health superfoods. It is known to help promote wound healing, which is a plus from those with acne.

HA has water-binding properties, allowing it trap water into the skin. For those with dry or aging skin, this is a huge plus. Its ability to lock in water helps the skin feel more moisturised. For all skin types, this has a plumping effect. Skin looks dewier and more radiant than ever, thanks to HA.

Pure Savvy’s serum proves that natural ingredients do not lack chemical support. Rather, they are allowed to work to their full potential. The serum had more benefits than other, less natural skincare I have tried. This goes to show the full power of nature in giving our skin what it needs.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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