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Peak & Meadow Botanical Face Oil Review

Peak & Meadow – Sustainable Beauty That Cares For You And The Planet – One Tree Planted For Each Product Sold

Combating dehydrated, dull and irritated winter skin? We’ve all been there and if a lack of sleep is also thrown into the mix, the problem can be exacerbated. If your regular facial moisturiser is failing to deliver that extra hydration, the naturally absorbing and enriching ingredients of a good facial oil may be just what your skin needs.

Oils have been used for thousands of years for their beautifying properties, but if you already struggle with an oily complexion, it might seem that the last thing you’d want to do is add to the problem. But actually, plant-based oils have a large range of benefits for every type of skin, whether that be dry, oily, mature, or sensitive. The fact is that facial oils don’t actually moisturise your skin by adding more moisture rather they prevent the moisture that is already in your skin cells from evaporating into the atmosphere. The result is that your skin will look healthier, less dry and have more of a glow.

Botanical Face Oil, 50ml
Botanical Face Oil, 50ml



One of the best facial oils I have tried which will help get all skin types glowing and healthy in no time, is Peak & Meadow’s Botanical Face Oil. Natural, organic and multi-purpose, it’s a luxurious cleanser, moisturiser and face oil all in one, so very easy on the wallet, and contains a blend of seven certified organic plant oils, including rosehip oil, safflower oil, and grape seed oil.

Each of the oils has; important essential omega fatty acids to strengthen, revitalise, and nourish the cells on your skin’s surface helping to restore a youthful glow, plumpness and firmness to your complexion; antioxidants to help your cells ward off damage from the environment by way of sun, pollution and grime; and vitamins to help your skin combat rough texture, hyperpigmentation, and dullness.

The cleansing stage of skincare is important. If you stop drying your skin out at the cleansing stage, your skin will feel softer and more plumped, less dry and tight. To cleanse your face or to wipe away makeup with Botanical Face Oil you simply massage a few drops of the oil on to the skin and then gently wipe off with a cotton pad (look out for biodegradable ones) or a face cloth. To use as a moisturiser, spend a minute massaging the oil gently but firmly into your skin. The oil can also be used to treat blemish-prone and sensitive skin and it is particularly good for targeting dry and red patches as its’ so nourishing and soothing. It also serves as a protective barrier on the skin.

I found the oil had a lovely lightweight texture and it absorbed beautifully. It left my skin glowing. The main mistake people make with facial oils is using too much, so their complexions are left feeling greasy. Less is definitely more because if you apply too much oil, it won’t absorb properly. With Botanical Face Oil you only need a couple of drops to treat your entire face.

The founders of Peak & Meadow pride themselves on formulating everything themselves using the highest quality ingredients. Only organic oils are used and none of their products contain; parabens, SLS and TEA, artificial fragrances, colour, palm oil, fillers, or involve animal testing. Their ethos is to help you look and feel good but only using ingredients that are sourced responsibly.

Whilst I love its products, what I also admire about Peak & Meadow is that it doesn’t merely pay lip-service to taking care of our environment, it takes positive action. For each product sold, it makes a contribution towards the cost of planting healthy tree seedlings in sustainable and protected locations in Indonesia, Madagascar and Nepal, with local reforestation groups ensuring that only non-invasive, ecologically beneficial species of tree are planted, just where they’re needed.

So, if you’re looking for a clearer, glowing, more hydrated complexion but wish to achieve this in a sustainable way I highly recommend Peak & Meadow’s Botanical Face Oil and also the other great products within its skincare range. And for healthy, shiny, bouncy hair – like your skin, your hair is also extremely susceptible to the winter chill – look no further than its eco-friendly haircare range.

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