Night-time Skincare Routine


The fact that we live in unsettling times is not news but, according to research, a sense of routine can give us a feeling of control, thus lessening anxiety. Whether you’re finally making the time for those daily jogs, or you’re checking in regularly with loved ones, it’s likely that new patterns are coming to the fore.

At Epara skincare, we’re all about the luxury of ritual and self-care. So, to ensure you’re still the best version of yourself at home, why not double down on your evening routine? We have ours down pat and you can, too. Epara was founded on the notion of cocooning one’s skin in the best mother nature has to offer. Its potent blend of African ingredients has been scientifically proven to benefit your skin. In just three short years since launching, we’ve won the approval of women of varying skin tones, types and concerns. But skincare is more than skin deep: the results of a solid routine will prove this to you. So, here’s to your new and improved night-time routine in under three steps.

A night-time routine is crucial for washing the day’s residue away. Yes, even while at home most of the time, cleansing is still necessary. So double cleanse for a gold star. Your skin will thank you for it. Find a cleanser that not only washes off dirt but replenishes the skin by priming it for your toner and moisturiser. Our Natural Cleansing Oil will do the trick, but you could also use coconut oil or shea butter if you’re looking for a DIY option. Whatever your choice, the process of washing away the day’s anxieties will set the tone for the rest of your routine and, hopefully, the night’s restful sleep.

A routine will also help you attain better sleep. Studies have shown that maintaining a one will help you wind down before bed. This will prime your mind and body for sleep, which prompts the rejuvenation process. Sure, this routine will likely involve a caffeine-free cup of tea and a good book, but the process of taking care of your skin will add to the overall effect. We recommend massaging your face with something hydrating and nourishing, like our Brightening Night Balm, for about a minute after cleansing. Toning beforehand is optional, but a natural toner, like rose water, would do the trick if that’s your shtick. Either way, moisturising at night will ensure the best use of your product, as our skin’s cell renewal process is most prolific during sleep. Plus, you’ll feel like a goddess.

Most importantly, your night-time skincare routine can act as a soothing reminder that you, too, deserve pampering. Trust us, you’ll sleep better for it. Settling in can still feel like a treat.

By Ozohu Adoh

Founder of Epara

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