Myza’s Guide To Holiday Beauty Essentials

A week in Sardinia? Yes, please. However, scorching climates, salty sea water and one too many margaritas, can all take a heavy toll on our skin and hair. We know that lounging poolside all day is greatly enhanced by a fruity drink with a little umbrella, so packing a few hard-working beauty saviours is a must.

With limited space, it can be tricky to decide what beauty products to pack so we have whittled down some favourite essential products for keeping you glowing throughout your holiday.

001 London – Exfoliating & Conditioning Cleanser, 100ml: £36

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you should skimp on your skin-care routine—in fact, you should probably take care of your skin even more. This award-winning cleanser by the renowned expert facialist Ada Ooi contains a series of active ingredients to deep cleanse, naturally peel and moisturise the face for a soft and radiant glow.


By Sarah London – Lip Balm: £12

Swap your lipstick with a balm that moisturises and protects your lips at the same time. By Sarah London’s Lip Balm is perfect for softening, soothing and protecting your lips after a day in the sun, and even for soothing any dry skin patches you may have. 100% natural, 100% organic, and cruelty-free, you can swipe this on without skipping a beat.


Catherine & Jean – Alexis Luxury Eye Mask With/Without Lavender – Blue Star: From £18

An eye mask is essential when sat on a plane next to someone who keeps their reading light on when you long to sleep. When you reach your destination, these gorgeous eye masks, made from a luxurious combination of cotton, satin and velvet for a dream-like feel on the eyes will also ensure a blissful uninterrupted night’s sleep however light your room.

UnicSkin – IUnicA+ Rejuvenating Cream, 50ml

A holiday is often the one chance to allow the skin to breathe and avoid having to wear make-up for a while.  But even if you still insist on maintaining your regular makeup regime, a holiday is a great opportunity to pamper yourself. This UnicA+ Rejuvenating Cream will help restore moisture and rejuvenate the skin after sun exposure. Use it as the ideal weekly detox to plump the skin and reduce visible lines and wrinkles.


Sevin – Coral Clay Face Body & Hair Oil: £36

Forget about packing separate after sun products for the face, body and hair, Sevin London has cleverly created a unique nourishing recipe for your face, body & hair all in one bottle! Using the highest grade essential oils, this indulgent lotion with its beautiful delicate blend of sweet floral scents and citrusy freshness is perfect for using straight after the beach plus it has the added bonus of leaving a tad more space in your case for less essential items.


Seascape – Soothe Body Butter, 175ml: £16

This multiple award-winning and multi-tasking body butter deeply moisturises, nourishes, soothes and repairs sun damaged skin. Apply after a shower and just before you go to bed to allow your body to absorb the maximum moisture it can overnight. This will help to prolong your tan and keep your skin nice and plump. Safe to use during pregnancy.


MALĀKO – Skin to Soul Body Creme Scrub, 200ml: £24.00

Exfoliating whether you’re tanning the natural way or are getting your glow from a bottle, is essential. This luxury scrub both calms and awakens a tired mind, whilst its natural exfoliating properties will revitalise dull, uneven and tired skin. Hydrating and invigorating without upsetting the skin’s delicate moisture barrier, it will leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant with a healthy glow.


The Myza Editorial Team

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