The myza Christmas Gift List – £40 and under

It’s officially December, and that means Christmas is just around the corner. And because ‘tis the season for giving and sharing, we know all too well just how expensive this time of year can be. With office Secret Santas in the pipeline, numerous festive dinners to plan, and all those knick knacks you know you’ll purchase at Winter Wonderland markets, it really is no surprise that your money slips away with all too much ease. So, to save you from that annual shock you get from looking at your bank statements in January, we’ve put together a loving myza Christmas Gift List for those who want to rein it in just a little bit. Whoever said giving and gifting needed to be pricey?

The Gift of Sight – £20
Perfect for all the sleeping beauties in the world, the Catherine & Jean Alexis Luxury Eye Mask makes slumber a stylist affair. With a cotton satin front, and with a rich velvet back, the eye mask promises to enhance the sleeping experience with its calming scent. Choose from funky leopard, flamingo or blue stars prints to make this cute accessory the ultimate luxurious present in the stocking.

Alexis Luxury Eye Mask – Pink Stripe: £18.00

The Gift of Touch – £32
It’s a well-known fact that our extremities (i.e. our wee fingers and toes) are the first to get cold at any given time, and feeling cold is the absolute worst when we’re in bed and trying to fall asleep. Ergo, a tactical gift for the season, present the power of warmth in the form of The Reach London’s Cashmere Bed Socks, available in light grey and the softest white. Fashioned from 85% cashmere, and expertly crafted in Hawick, Scotland, these socks offer cosiness and padded comfort not just in bed, but all year round. You can even give your poor gift-wrapping skills a miss, as these socks will come hand wrapped in delicate tissue paper, and presented in a luxurious gift box finished with black silk satin ribbon.

Cashmere Bed Socks – Softest White: £32.00

The Gift of Taste – £24.50
There’s nothing like nursing a warm cuppa in bed before getting some shut-eye, but we also know that caffeine before sleep is a nightmare. Let Flint&Co. Herbal Infusions & Infuser Gift Set take care of those problems for you, with the offer of caffeine-free chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves and rooibos tea sets guaranteed to calm you gently before slumber. Expertly boxed and secured with a matte black bow, these tea tins are the ideal present for long-term tea-lovers and tea-novices alike.

Herbal Infusions & Infuser Gift Set: £24.50

The Gift of Smell – £40
Give your olfactory senses the power to control sleep with Scentered’s Ultimate Sleep Set. Championing a sophisticated floral blend of lavender, chamomile, palma rosa, patchouli and cedarwood (amongst a plethora of other delicate scents!), the kit stars a travel-sized Sleep Well Therapeutic Candle and Sleep Balm, to target your sense of smell and pulse points to relax and reset your mood. Top off the slumber experience with a 100% silk eye mask and indulge your giftee with the power of sleep, not just for this hectic season, but also for the glorious new year ahead of them.

The Ultimate Sleep Set: £40.00

The Gift of Touch (again) – £30
Harsh winters are tough on skin, and with parties aplenty this season, it’s only natural that we’d like to look our very best for all events. Say no to dull and dry, and say hello to nourished, glowing skin with Seascape Island Apothecary’s Unwind Festive Gift Set. Made just for the Christmassy season, the set comprises of a Body Wash and Body Lotion, both enriched with beeswax and shea butter, and topped with exotic notes of ylang ylang and Jersey lavender for the ultimate soothing and silky touch. Perfect for those who take beauty seriously.

Unwind Festive Gift Set: £30.00



The Myza Editorial Team

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