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When it comes to Christmas presents, finding the right present can be difficult. The ideal gift should be what the recipient would love to have, but may not think to buy for themselves. The perfect present should be something that brings instant joy and comfort, and at best, something someone can use in their everyday lives. A useful gift does not, however, mean the gift cannot feel chic and luxurious.

There are countless gifts for women at Christmas, and the sheer amount available can feel overwhelming. With the dark winter nights growing longer and more of us staying at home, opting for a relaxing, bedtime gift will not go amiss.

Our guide to women’s Christmas gifts is here to help you find that perfect present.


Silk Pillowcase

Not Just Pajama - Silk Printed Pillowcase
Not Just Pajama – Silk Printed Pillowcase

Upgrading to a silk pillow has serious, luxurious benefits. Not only does the material give a softer feel, but helps keep your hair and skin shiny and hydrated. Not Just Pajamas’ mulberry silk pillowcases with their chic artistic design look as good as they feel.

Memory Foam Pillow

Panda – Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow 

Combining comforting memory foam and silky smooth bamboo fibres, Panda’s signature pillow will gift their most comforting sleep yet. It is also the perfect option for those looking to make their Christmas friendlier to the planet. The bamboo fibres are 100% sustainable and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the WWF to help protect endangered pandas.

Cotton Bed Set

LivvyB - LivvyB - 200 Thread Count Cotton Bed Set
LivvyB – 200 Thread Count Cotton Bed Set

The cold, cosy winter nights need not mean you cannot gift someone with a splash of colour. Hand block-printed by artisans in India, LivvyB’s bed set is vibrant and cool all year round. Made from localised Indian cotton and natural dyes, this bedding is breathable and ethically sourced, creating the softest cotton for your skin.

Bedding Set

The Ethical Silk Company - Sleeping Beauty Set - Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask
The Ethical Silk Company – Sleeping Beauty Set – Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask

This perfect pairing by The Ethical Silk Company enhances your sleep routine with this sleeping beauty set. Both made from ethically sourced mulberry silk, this set is designed to improve your hair and skin. Unlike cotton, silk does not draw moisture away. Silk retains natural moisture, and allows any face creams to be absorbed into your skin, rather than into your pillow. 

Bedroom Interiors

Weighted Blanket

Rocabi – Luxury Adult Weighted Blanket

Why not elevate someone’s cosy blanket experience with a luxury weighted blanket? These heavyweight sleep solutions, such as Rocabi’s range of weighted blankets, are clinically proven to help prove relaxation. Weighted blankets are known to aid stress, anxiety and insomnia, as well as helping to ensure a peaceful drift into sleep.

Quilted Throw

Woven Riches – Quilted Cotton Throw – Gulabi Elephant

For a lighter, softer covering, Woven Riches’ cotton throws are handcrafted in India and Northern Ireland using traditional techniques using 100% pure cotton. The throw is reversible and hand-printed with a unique elephant design, making it comforting and an inspiring decor for your home. The throw can also be used as a play mat and a picnic blanket, making it a gift with multiple uses.

Beauty Sleep

Skincare Gift Set

Fais – Customisable Vegan Face Care Pamper Set

Jade facial rollers have been trending everywhere on social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram – and for good reason. The rollers help improve drainage and reduce puffiness, as well as creating a soothing, lifted feel. Fais Botanicals’ Vegan Face Care Pamper Set makes the perfect gift to enhance a skincare routine. This kit comes with soothing oils, cleansers and lip balm, and is perfect for everyday use. This gift set is also customisable, making it flexible to the recipient’s skincare needs.

Shower Set

Milly & Sissy – Zero Waste Shower Set

For a beauty gift that’s more eco-friendly, Milly & Sissy’s Zero Waste Shower Set is the more sustainable gift this Christmas. Free from allergens, parabens, and palm oil, the set is as kind to skin as it is to the planet. These shea tree and passionfruit shower cremes leave skin feeling smooth and smelling great, and its refillable container will leave those you gift it to wanting more.


Snow Hare Pyjamas

Their Nibs – Women’s Cotton Pyjama Trouser Set – Snow Hare

For cute, comforting sleepwear to fit the cold winter nights, Their Nibs’ Snow Hare Pyjama Set perfectly captures Christmas cosiness. A classic pyjama fit in dusty pink with a beautiful hand-drawn print, this set will bring a sense of sophistication to bed time or lazy mornings.

White Bird Pyjamas

Myza – Women’s Cotton Pyjama Trouser Set – White Bird

This Myza Cotton Pyjama Set has all the customs of traditional, classic pyjama designs with a contemporary twist. The classic blue colour and cotton material is paired with an elegant white bird design with pockets and an elasticated waistband. Giving a stylish Christmas gift does not have to sacrifice the cosiness we want from out pyjamas.

Sleep Accessories

Lounge Gift Set

House Babylon - Lounge Bundle
House Babylon – Lounge Bundle

For a gift set that provides multiple sources of relaxation, House Babylon has the perfect bundle. The terrycloth bathrobe is made of 450 GSM long cotton fibres for maximum fluffiness and warmth this winter. The duck feather and down pillow, paired with the soothing scented candle, helps set the ideal mood for a good night’s sleep.

Candle and Bath Gift Set

SevenSeventeen – Lavender Candle & Bath Salts Set

A calming bedtime bath routine will bring warmth even on the coldest of nights. SevenSeventeen’s Lavender Candle & Bath Salts Set combine two complimentary lavender scents to enhance bath time. Gifting these will help the stresses of the day simply melt away.

Sleep Eye Mask

Mela – Eucalyptus Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Sleep masks help block out visual distractions and provide comforting padding to help us fall into a relaxing sleep faster. To turn a handy tool into a luxurious gift, Mela’s Eucalyptus Silk Sleep Eye Mask is just the ticket. Made with cooling eucalyptus silk, the material is hypoallergenic and soothing to skin.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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