Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men

Myza Christmas Gift Guide – Men

Shopping for the men in your life is one of the most difficult parts of Christmas. What do they even need? You can’t fall back on the old standards that work for women, like jewellery and makeup – it’s far too easy to misjudge a man’s taste. However, there are some classic Christmas gifts that will work for any men in your life, and we at myza are pretty sure you’ll love all of our top picks, from bedding to beard oils.

Men’s Bedding

Bedding is inherently gender neutral, unless you’re buying bedding with pronouns written all over it. This makes it an excellent gift for men, as they probably have never thought to splash out on luxurious bedding. Our pick for bedding for men is this gorgeous Excellence Collection Winter Move-in Set from House Babylon.

With sizes from Single to King, there is a version of this set for everyone. The colours available are green, white and grey, so you could even pick based on their décor (presuming you already know what their bedroom looks like).

The Excellence Collection provides a sumptuous, ultra luxurious feel, crafted from long-staple Egyptian cotton in 600 thread count. This set combines everything they could need to improve their sleep experience – a Feather & Down Winter Duvet, two Feather & Down Pillows, and an Excellence Duvet Cover in Green, Grey or White with two matching Excellence Pillowcases.

Bedroom Interiors for Men

Now, bedroom interiors for men. Hopefully, you’re not shopping for any men with their mattress on the floor and a poster of The Shawshank Redemption on the wall. But even if you are, nothing elevates a space like a cosy throw blanket or curated bedspread.

Throw Blanket

That’s why first on the list for bedroom interior gifts for men is this Hazy Wool Blanket in Black & White. Schneid Studio have put together a textured wool blanket in a watercolour style sure to add to the dynamics of any room. Made of finest quality wool, this would suit any space, whether as a beautiful wall hanging or simply draped over the end of the bed.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Hazy Wool Blanket in Black & White - Schneid Studio

Weighted Blanket

Next on the list is the Mela Weighted Blanket for adults. The weighted blanket is an amazing gift, and this one for Mela is both super soft and stylish. There’s even a gift for the planet when you buy a Mela blanket – you protect 1000-square-feet of Amazonian rainforest with the purchase. This would be an amazing gift for any men you know who suffer from anxiety, or anyone who really noticed how lonely they felt over lockdown.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Mela - Adult Weighted Blanket

Beauty Sleep for Men

Beard Oil for Men

Men’s beauty is an ever growing industry, and where better a place to start than with grooming their manly beard? Perfect for the shorter beard, Mr Mullan’s Beard Oil, 30ml contains sandalwood to help stimulate hair growth, black pepper to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, bergamot for its anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties making it perfect to ease any ingrown hairs for those with a short beard or in the early stages of growing one.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Mr Mullan's Beard Oil, 30ml

Face Wash for Men

Topp Men’s Natural Face Wash With Blackcurrant & Avocado, 75ml is a fantatsic face wash, and a great way to help your man start a skincare routine. Men’s skincare has long been over looked, but with products like those by Topp, in their stylish packaging, it’s sure to become a more central part of everyone’s lives. Enriched with Vitamin E and high in antioxidants, this non-drying, super-soothing and great-smelling face wash has been formulated with Blackcurrant and Avocado to cleanse the skin by gently removing dirt and impurities whilst restoring natural moisture levels.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Topp - Men's Natural Face Wash Wit

Sleepwear for Men

Pyjamas are a classic Christmas gift for anyone, but especially as a gift for men, who probably wouldn’t think to buy them for themselves. At Myza, we stock a wide variety of gorgeous, sumptuous sleepwear, for a variety of different needs. Here are some of our favourites:

Silk Pyjamas for Men

One year I got my whole family matching satin pyjamas for Christmas and yes it did make for some excellent photos. It was a great gift, because it meant I finally got to wear matching clothes with other people! For some reason no one ever wants to match with me, which is baffling, because it’s so cute! Yes every member of my family is now a grown adult but still! And if you have similar interests – or just love traditional sleepwear – this Silk Printed Trouser Pyjama Set in Dark Green from Not Just Pajama is absolutely the best choice for you. The set is handmade out of silk, and the deep green is a perfect Christmas gift colour as well as being gorgeous year-round.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Silk Printed Trouser Pyjama Set - Dark Green - Not Just Pajama

Slippers for Men

Then, top off the perfect Christmas outfit with this Classic Handmade Slipper in Green. Sumptuous velvet and leather, combined with exquisite finishing touches, they would be an amazing gift in their own right, but would also be super cool combined with the silk pjs. Handstitched, classic, and elegant: my perfect slipper. And again – the potential for, if not direct matching, then at least coordinating with others, as they make a women’s slipper in the same style.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Not Just Pajama - Classic Handmade Slipper in Green

For Hot Sleepers

If you love a classic set (and the Classics) but easily overheat, Phriya have the perfect solution. Their Mens Odyssey Cotton Pyjama Short Set in Navy is a versatile, contemporary set designed to be worn on warmer days. They suggest wearing the set at the beach, or under a blazer for a 1950’s, Don Draper look. Whether worn indoors or out, the stylish print brings to mind Greek myths and astrological signs, and the tailoring is quintessentially vintage, so the set is great for fans of all kinds of Classics.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men -Mens Odyssey Cotton Pyjama Short Set in Navy - Phriya

Jersey Set for Men

Hamilton Hare Mens Jersey Short Sleeve Pyjama Short Set – Olive Perfect for men who don’t love a traditional set but could still do with classing up their sleepwear wardrobe, this set by Hamilton Hare is made from an incredibly soft cotton and lyocell jersey blend. Lyocell is a sustainable nanofibre made from Eucalyptus trees that is softer than silk and has zero waste processes. This means this set is good for the man and the planet!

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Hamilton Hare Mens Jersey Short Sleeve Pyjama Short Set - Olive


Classic Socks for Men

I know, I know, socks seem like an obvious gift. But you truly cannot underestimate the joy of the jazzy sock. And look at this pair! How jazzy can you get? A classic gift is a classic for a reason. These lightweight Cotton Socks in Derby grey, Rust and Duck Egg Blue from Katie Victoria are designed by Katie at her studio in South Wales, and made at a local factory in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Mens Cotton Socks - Derby grey / Rust / Duck Egg Blue - Katie Victoria

Comfy Clothing for Men

Now this is an excellent gift idea, as you can be pretty sure they’ll actually use it! Everyone loves a cosy hoodie, and this Merino Wool Hoodie in Charcoal is as good as a hoodie gets! Specifically designed by Dagsmejan to help you unwind, this merino wool hoodie combines the finest merino wool with a structured knit for the optimal breathable warmth.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Merino Wool Hoodie in Charcoal - Dagsmejan

Sleep Accessories for Men

Hot Water Bottle

Christmas is also famously cosy season, and the men in your life deserve to be comfortably warm too! This large hot water bottle from Green&Heath comes with a William Morris Snakeshead print cover, a suitably masculine take on the hot water bottle.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Green&Heath - Large Hot Water Bottle - William Morris Snakeshead

Cosy Candle

Candles are a classic Christmas gift – think of this SNL sketch – and men have too often been overlooked in this department. Everyone deserves to have a cosy, inviting smelling space, and this Unplugged Candle from SevenSeventeen is a great option for men. A sophisticated, subtle smoky scent (derived from the Agar tree), this warm fragrance is formulated to appeal to men and women alike. The brooding black oud makes this perfect to light at the end of a long work day.

Myza Christmas Gift Guide - Men - Unplugged / Black Oud Candle from SevenSeventeen

Christmas is a time for giving – but it can be all too difficult to think of gift ideas. For gifts for all your other friends and family, why not check out our Myza Christmas Gift Guide for Women, and our Myza Christmas Gift Guide for Kids.


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