Mamma Mia!

This March 11th, give thanks and plenty of love to the queen of your world, your beloved mother. It’s Mother’s Day, and she deserves some recognition after having sacrificed her energy and sanity to nurture an absolute legend like yourself (siblings not included, of course), whilst still having the time to find all your missing belongings without thinking twice about it. A superwoman like her deserves some TLC and attention, and a glamorous showering of gifts. Take myza’s advice and helping hand with our Mother’s Day Special Gift Guide, to pamper and indulge her like royalty, and to put a smile on her face for a change!

She Smells Like Daisies
There’s no real explanation for it, but it’s a widely known fact that our mums always smell better than our dads. So, to continue this phenomenon, gift your mother a Sevin soap bar, that promises to turn her routine shower into a spa-like experience, making her bathroom a little (but much-needed) sanctuary away from the kids. Created with a 100% natural base of coconut, olive and rapeseed oils for the ultimate nourishing and cleansing touch on the body, Sevin soaps are available in a number of deliciously indulgent scents and we promise that your mum will love any, if not all, of them. It’ll make you want to give her a hug more than ever.

Sevin's Porcelain White Soap
Sevin’s Porcelain White Soap

Night-time Fashionista
Your mother was your first style icon, with a fashion sense that was always just so picture-perfect. Allow her to experience subliminal styles, even as she prepares for bed, in luxurious Nightire pyjamas fashioned entirely from sensationally silky-smooth bamboo fibres. Designed for the working woman who takes her downtime just as seriously as her career, the prints are inspired by the big-city-life which star gorgeous colours with a loose, flattering cut to make sleep and relaxation a stylish affair, much like your mother in general!

Nightire's No Monday Blues Nightdress
Nightire’s No Monday Blues Nightdress

Eco Warrior Princess
Above all, your mother taught you to be a kind and caring individual, and what better way to show her what you’ve learnt than by buying her a beautiful, but completely environmentally-friendly, gift? Enter: Ecosophy’s Matka Silk Throw, produced from matka threads created as a by-product of silk production, making it a wonderfully soft and light fabric (like a cross between cashmere and cotton) to cuddle under together during family movie nights. This admirable form of upcycling is supported by paying homage to exceptionally talented handloom weavers in Bhagalpur, India, making such a throw a guilt-free but gorgeous present to mum and her equally gorgeous living room.

Ecosophy's Matka Silk Throw
Ecosophy’s Matka Silk Throw

Three Little Pigs
Mother may have told you the age-old fairy tale of the Three Little Pigs as a bedtime story when you snuggled next to her on soft sheets as a child. You might be a little too old for such stories now, but relive those memories by gifting her with some lush Piglet sheets. Made from 100% natural French flax for incredible softness and breathability, and coming in a range of colours and designs that are bound to leave your mum pleasantly surprised with your sophisticated tastes, Piglet sheets are guaranteed to huff, and puff, and blow your mum’s mind away!

Piglet's Midnight Stripe Bedtime Bundle
Piglet’s Midnight Stripe Bedtime Bundle

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