Kauf Studio Quilted Beetle Robe Review

A robe, ideally, is an essential part of any bedtime routine. It works as a material transition from daily activities to getting into bed with out pyjamas on. Moreover, many of us reach for a robe the second we leave our bath or shower. This is a comfier alternative to wearing our regular daily clothing. We often spend much of the evening, participating in relaxing activities while wearing a robe. In winter, a robe should keep us wrapped up warm from the chills in the air. However, in the summer, it should be a breezy, breathable material.

This is why choosing the perfect robe is so important. For those of us who want sustainability and practicality, having one robe that can be worn all year round is the most ideal. Many robes and dressing gowns are often made from fleece material that makes us overheat in warmer weather. Along with this, these robes are bulkier and shapeless. This offers only comfort with little style. Nonetheless, too thin a material, will keep you cold when you need warmth.

At the same time, a robe should also serve its purpose as nightwear that does not feel uncomfortable while lounging. We spend the greater part of our evenings in this type of clothing, so there are a lot of boxes to be ticked. This makes shopping for the ideal robe difficult when we have multiple purposes in mind.

Kauf Studio

Kauf Studio Quilted Beetle Robe
Kauf Studio – Quilted Beetle Robe

The rare perfect medium comes in a uniquely designed quilted beetle robe by Kauf Studio. The brand is a collaborative lingerie studio founded by designer Charlotte Kaufman. Kaufman is a graduate of Fashion Design at Sheffield Hallam University, and her company is locally-sourced and designed.

The company is run entirely by women, and all garments are made on-site in one studio by seamstresses in Sheffield. Each garment is made by hand and made to order, making each piece uniquely made for the customer. Fit and form is an essential part of Charlotte’s approach to lingerie, her passion. Because of this, Kauf Studio designs are as inclusive of the female form as they are unique.

Quilted Beetle Robe

Kauf Studio Quilted Beetle Robe

The beetle robe is part of the exclusive Kauf Studio x Wildwood collaboration collection. It has a one-of-a-kind Wildwood design with Kauf Studio craftsmanship. The robe comes in a dark forest green with a splash of warm coloured plants and intricately designed beetle insects. Its design is perfect for the night time, complimenting both warmer and cooler weather.

The beetle robe is composed in a timeless kimono design that suits every body shape. Its shape adds simple elegance to a comforting style. This oversized style and relaxed fit can be adjusted with its removable belt to suit the desired look. Its quilted stitching helps trap warmth in the material despite its loose design. As a result, it keeps you warm without quickly overheating.

The polyester stretch jersey material is soft to the touch and doesn’t wrinkle. This makes it the perfect material for lounging around the house in. Together, the soft material and loose fit make the perfect adjustable fit for spending your nights in. Its unique cosiness makes it easy to wear all year round and sets you in the perfect mood to fall asleep in.

By Bethany Gemmell

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