It’s National Bed Month!

March – the month in which British Summer Time starts, and Mothers’ Day star as the two major events. And while we also say hello to Easter at the very end, this month is perhaps most exciting for us at myza, because it’s National Bed Month!

This is excellent news for all the duvet dwellers out there. According to The Sleep Council (yes, it’s an official institution), this month-long campaign is there to draw attention to the impact of a good night’s sleep on health and wellness.

As if we needed any more excuses to stay in bed.

Quite naturally, at the heart of any slumbering experience is the bed, which is literally the foundation of good sleep. Lisa Artis, the sleep expert at The Sleep Council, states that the older the bed, the worse it is for your sleep. Just think about it: we shed nearly a pound of skin on our beds every year, and we lose roughly half a pint of fluid in the form of swear every night. On top of that, research has shown that we tend to toss and turn up to 60 times a night – it’s no wonder the quality of our beds decline over time.

Taking all this into account, and the fact that it’s the right time of the year to celebrate sleep in all its glory, we’ve put together a handy little guide of what you really need to think about to make your bedroom a palace, and achieve the best possible sleep this National Bed Month.

The Foundation
The bed is the foundation you need for great sleep. Everyone’s sleeping needs are different, but if you’re looking for a truly long-lasting luxurious experience, opt for a Herdysleep mattress – with its handmade wool cover blended with cotton and cashmere, and filled with up to 6000 unique pocket springs, the mattress guarantees a cosy night’s sleep. Alternatively, go in for a Hügge mattress which promises three layers of goodness with two types of memory foam. Or, you can opt for fine German engineering with a Muun mattress which offers an adjustable surface of sturdy and soft, to really get the best of both worlds.

The Crown
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the pillow is the crown of any bed. Coze offers a feathered comfort with varying ratios of Pyrenean duck feather to down, whilst an Alpaca Comfort pillow takes the finest grade alpaca fleece, folded over 120 times to form a high loft, and is encased in a superior organic cotton outer for the softest touch. You can also go in for something totally different with a Hullygood buckwheat hull pillow, that’ll take your sleeping experience to a whole new level.

Hullygood's Buckwheat Hull Pillow
Hullygood’s Buckwheat Hull Pillow

The Covers
In the same way that you’d dress yourself to impress, why not do the same for your bed? After all, it’s suggested that we do spend a third of our lives in bed. Look to Ecosophy for a pure organic cotton touch, or Piglet if you like the sound of linen. Panda bedding offers a 100% bamboo experience, which is known for its incredibly silky and smooth texture for a chic night’s kip.

Piglet's Linen Sheets and Covers
Piglet’s Linen Sheets and Covers

The Accessories
Be it for a pop of colour, or because you’re looking for extra warmth, accessories in the form of throws and blankets will do the trick. Tolly McRae’s throws are fashioned from 100% fine merino wool for a warm and cosy embrace through the winter. For something ultra-lush, look no further than Oyuna’s Mongolian cashmere throws that promise style and softness in one fell swoop.

Sleep tight, kiddos.


The Myza Editorial Team

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