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The ultimate Snoooze travel pillow was created by Danish designer Ann Sjogreen Sanger, after many years of poor sleep on lumpy hotel pillows. Ann worked with scientists, sleep experts and leading UK manufacturers to create a travel pillow that creates a sense of home away from home. The Snoooze pillow has been designed with a special zip feature which allows the pillow to be compressible, so it takes less space in a bag or suitcase, but also expands once unzipped and fluffed up, providing great comfort and support. This makes the Snoooze pillow the perfect travel companion. Just pop it into your luggage and enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep!

We speak to Ann Sjogreen Sanger about why she started started Snoooze and how her pillow aids sleep


Tell us a little about yourself, and what inspired you to create Snoooze?


I’m Danish a Danish Designer and the founder of Snoooze world. For years, I had been travelling with my own home pillow as I often found hotel pillows to be too hard and uncomfortable and I feel that there is something comforting about sleeping on your own pillow.


2) Who are your target customers, and what makes Snoooze stand out from its competitors?


My target market is consumers who value quality sleep, anybody who travels frequently and everyone who likes to know that their pillow is hygienic and clean. Snoooze now offers pillows in two different sizes, so the products appeal to a wider group of customers. No other companies offer a home pillow supplied with a pillowcase & travel bag, that folds specifically for travelling and to give “Perfect Sleep Anywhere.”

Do you plan on expanding to include other products in the future?


5) Yes, we have just launched the Mini Snoooze Pillow, and we are about to launch a range of coloured pillowcases. We will also develop more products to give our customers a better sleep experience when travelling.

What has been the most rewarding feedback you have received from a customer who has purchased Snoooze?


We have had a few customers saying: “ I purchased one of your Snoooze pillows and I loved it so much that now the whole family have one”.


How would you persuade our customers that Snoooze is a must-have product?


Sleep is so important to optimum functioning and good health. The Original Snoooze pillow is made in the UK and has a unique zip feature enabling it to be fluffed up so that it feels just like down. Snoooze pillows are sold with a pure cotton pillowcase, a protective travelling bag and all parts are washable.

Where do you see Snoooze being in the next five years?


Snoooze will expand over the next 5 years as excellent quality travel-related products are added to the range, to help our customers gain better sleep. We expect to take market share from the poor quality neck support products that travellers have been buying.


Finally, a few pearls of wisdom from you! Run us through your recipe for a great night’s sleep, and some do’s and don’ts that you recommend following, or including in a pre-sleep schedule. 


Lots of fresh air and exercise every day! Don’t have your phone next to your bed. Clear your mind before bed time by going for a walk or reading, practice yoga or mindful exercise. Enjoy every day to the full and achieve “Perfect Sleep Anywhere.”


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