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silk&jam create pieces to be timeless and versatile. It’s an everyday luxury for a woman who wants to stay in her feminine element and feel relaxed. Be it summer or winter, luxurious event or home vibes – silk clothes are appropriate for all seasons and all occasions. It instantly gives a feminine touch to every outfit. Also silk&jam seeks to bring out silk qualities at it’s best for those who have sensitive skin. All their designs are created to give you comfort, freedom and help you feel good in your skin. Every design lets you feel feminine, relaxed and soothed. All their items are minimal and have simple silhouettes, so are great additions to a capsule wardrobe.

We speak with Victorija and Stella about the importance of silk to a good night’s sleep and why sustainability is timeless.

Who founded silk&jam, and what inspired them? 

silk&jam Brand Interview A (Answer)

silk&jam was founded by two friends – Stella & Viktorija. We were inspired by the soothing and therapeutic effects of silk. That is why we decided to create our own brand – we wanted to introduce silk and all of its qualities, build a community of silk lovers. 

What makes silk&jam different?

silk&jam Brand Interview A (Answer)

We exclusively design silk products that do not depend on seasonality or fast fashion trends. We focus on creating the perfect silk capsule – timeless basics complemented with eye-catching details. Considering silk and its fabric features, our designs are created to make silk not only look good, but feel comfy and easy to style on a daily basis. Our brand’s uniqueness – two layer silk pieces that feel like a hug to the skin. We like to say that outer silk layer is for everyone else while the one on the inside – only for us, like a little secret.

How are you working to be more sustainable?

silk&jam Brand Interview A (Answer)

Sustainability is an important part of our brand. First of all, we buy silk in small quantities. All of the fabric scraps that are left after sewing clothes are used to create accessories. Our production is made ethically, in small sewing houses, supporting local manufacturers. Before any garment reaches final stage, we make many samples. They’re always sold in our showroom with discount, so we make sure that there’s no waste.

Another very important aspect – we don’t follow rapidly changing fashion trends, opposite – focus on timeless silhouettes and high quality garments that will be relevant for years.

How was the brand name silk&jam chosen?

silk&jam Brand Interview A (Answer)

Choosing the brand’s name was all about associations of what we are passionate about. silk&jam – gentle touch, good music, delicious food, fun moments, serenity. Silk stands for smoothness and jam is like that cherry on top – the joy and pleasures of life.     

Of the silk&jam items featured on Myza, which is your favourite and why? 

silk&jam Brand Interview A (Answer)

It has to be our two-layer silk pieces – specifically our silk boxer shorts. They feel cooling and at the same time warming on your skin. That is why we call silk pieces our second skin. It pampers your skin, rejuvenates and most importantly – creates maximum comfort while relaxing and sleeping.

What drives you, and where do you get your inspiration from? 

silk&jam Brand Interview A (Answer)

We are most driven by challenges, by trying to make the impossible possible. We’re always looking for unique solutions when it comes to designing silk clothing. Of course, our inspiration comes from the whole creative process and working with different people. However, the biggest source of our inspiration has to be women with authentic stories.


Where do you see silk&jam going in the next five years? 

silk&jam Brand Interview A (Answer)

Hopefully, in five years our brand’s message and values will inspire women all over the world.  We seek to encourage women to practice self-love, pamper themselves and find that “jam” in their lives. We want to spread our message – that all women of different age or size have the same need for tenderness and taking care of themselves. And of course, our mission is to clear up any misconceptions about silk and introduce it to a wider audience.

Finally, a few pearls of wisdom from you! Run us through your recipe for a great night’s sleep, and some do’s and don’ts that you recommend following, or including in a pre-sleep schedule.

silk&jam Brand Interview A (Answer)

We both agree that the main key to a good night’s sleep is definitely silk. We adore silk sheets because the breathable fabric helps regulate temperature. It’s one of the reasons why we get a restful night’s sleep for sure.

Some of our favourite pre-sleep rituals include hot shower or bath, pampering our bodies and hair with masks and oil. By the way, silk bedding miraculously absorbs grease, so we’re not afraid to damage it at all. Stella always sleeps with her braided hair in a silk scrunchie. Viktorija’s top picks for a good night’s sleep are silk camisole and boxer shorts – so lightweight and soft to the touch.

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