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Print Sisters

Sisters who share a true passion and appreciation for authentic vintage textiles and artworks. At Print Sisters is a print archive specialising in vintage textiles from the 1800’s to the 1970’s. Our products have been thoughtfully crafted sourcing ethical fabrics from makers we trust to create meaningful products. The PS collection is a uniquely curated selection of print stories for your home. Alexia & Claudia, Print Sister’s Co-Founder discusses with us why they started Print Sisters and what the future holds for the brand.

Tell us about your backgrounds

We both have very different skill sets. Claudia studied and worked in textiles for over 20 years and initially started as a fashion designer. After discovering the archive a decade ago Claudia moved into consultation working with the archive to collaborate with both designers and high street brands worldwide.

Alexia is very focused & proactive in being the commercial back bone of the business. Running all the logistics and office operations, using her design eye for the marketing and social media. Together we work best when collaborating with others and love to help others’ visions come to reality. She studied Graphic design, but moved into event management where she developed her skills.

Ultimately we’ve both been very influenced by our parents’ style, our mother has a wonderful collection of vintage dresses and costume jewellery and our father is a graphic designer and was always interested in vintage cars & architecture.

What was the starting point for Print Sisters?

After 20 years of working in fashion and textiles, consulting world renowned brands I took a step back to reconsider the fast paced fashion environment and wanted to take the archive in a new direction collaborating with brands aligned with an ethical mindset.

At the start of lockdown 2020 the archive was closed for business as I would usually travel to meet with clients and develop work from there. Alexia’s job in events came to a holt as well and there for we were both free to explore the business.

It felt really sad that the historic designs were stored away, thinking of all the people isolated at home, we wanted to share this beautiful resource as affordable art prints to lift the spirits of those working in their home spaces.

We first decided to exhibit in a local cafe where people were collecting their takeaway coffees and lunches, the response was really positive so we took it from there.

Together we chose a selection, shared with our friends, got it all online and made it available online. It felt very empowering and exciting to give these beautiful artworks a new lease of life and repurpose them into sustainable products.

Is there a print in your Archive Collection of particular importance to you both, and why?

It would most probably be the Tree of Life print; it is one of our most playful prints. The pomegranate fruit is symbolic of fertility, beauty & eternal life and can be found on the abundant Tree Of Life. Originally designed in 1929, this French textile design is truly alive with symbolism and good fortune.

Sustainability is one of your core values. How does your business make this connection?

It’s so important to us that as we grow. We do so in a way which is kind to the planet. Using both 100% recycled and sustainable papers, we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. Every product we decide to launch has been thoughtfully thought out on how the production process will work and how sustainable we can be. We are also partnered up with a charity called Tree Sisters. Every product we sell we give a percentage of the profits to the charity to replanting trees.

What does a working day look like for you both?

If we are working on something new for the collection we will usually meet at Claudia’s where the archive is homed and will start pulling out archive pieces that jump out to us. After selecting 50 or so prints or so we lay them out to try and form a print story. A poetic rhythm or visual language to express our sentiment.

We usually go with what feels most beautiful or resonates with us most at that point in time. Sometimes the process is over weeks to let things settle and build excitement.

Alexia will then work on uploading the back end ready for launching. Claudia is working on cleaning up the artwork ready for the product to print. 

What inspires you most both inside and outside your business?

We grew up visiting vintage markets most weekends with our parents as children and lived surrounded by vintage cars, dresses, jewellery and art. So it was always in our nature to seek and collect beauty. Our grandmother is from Belgium so visiting her home city Brussels to explore the art nouveau and art deco architectural spaces was also very inspiring to us. 

We are sisters with a passion for vintage designs. We thrive on reviving historical patterns to life with sustainable products to share with the world. Celebrating true craftsmanship and beauty which embraces the natural elements. 

Alexia will then work on uploading the back end ready for launching. Claudia is working on cleaning up the artwork ready for the product to print. 

Finally, a few pearls of wisdom from you both! Run us through your recipe for a great night’s sleep.

Usually a hot bath with CBD Bath Bombs and then a good deep mindful meditation. That usually knocks out for a good nights sleep. 

By The Myza Editorial Team

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