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Natalia Botanicals is an award-winning line of adaptogenic potions by Natalia. Following a decade-long battle with an autoimmune disease, Natalia began experimenting with adaptogens. Her journey was inspired by ancient beliefs surrounding the promotion of herbal medicine. Natalia Botanicals offers a range of plant-based elixirs that promotes everyday wellbeing, inspired by Natalia’s life-changing experience. 

We chatted with Natalia about her motivation for starting the brand. The benefits of incorporating adaptogens into your daily routine.

Who founded Natalia Botanicals, and what inspired them?

Natalia Botanicals was founded by Natalia after she had been suffering with autoimmune condition – Ulcerative Colitis, skin disorders and anxiety. She created her first elixir (Eternal Optimist). To help to improve her mood, lower anxiety, boost energy and improve her skin. Friends and family noticed a drastic change in Natalia and began requesting alchemised blends for themselves which reached different parts of the world.



What makes Natalia Botanicals’ products different?

Natalia Botanicals are 100% vegan, gluten free, GMO-free and do not contain any fillers, preservatives or sweeteners which can irritate the gut and cause more cravings. Natalia believes her elixirs are praised for their potency as they only contain herbs, roots and mushrooms.

Natalia Botanicals - Celestial Waves — Sachets
Celestial Waves

What are adaptogens, and how do you use them?

Adaptogens consist of a variety of herbs and roots that are rooted in centuries old healing traditions, they are non-toxic and help your body handle stress and combat inflammation.

They do this by interacting with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and the sympathoadrenal system, both of which are involved in the body’s response to stress. Adaptogens may improve hormone production and physiological responses to stress to ensure that your body – from your mind, to your immune system, to your energy levels – functions as it should.

Natalia Botanicals - Gut-Brain — Digestive Soother
Gut Brain
Natalia Botanicals - Eternal Optimist — Mood Enhancer
Eternal Optimist

 Why should people try to involve herbalism in their day to day lives?

Taking adaptogens can help you function better if you have situations when you are not getting enough sleep, or your diet is not what is should be. They are easy to incorporate as they are in powder form which dissolve easily into hot/cold drinks, snacks and meals to improve your overall wellbeing.

However, adaptogens are not replacements for a healthy lifestyle. Adequate and good quality sleep, a healthy diet, movement, stress reduction techniques, and healthy lifestyle choices are foundational.

Natalia Botanicals - Rise & Shine — Natural Energy
Rise Shine

 What drives you, and where do you get your inspiration from? 

I am very results driven and I am always very inspired by my customers around the world. Receiving positive feedback on a daily basis from customers from different walks of life. It pushes me to keep creating effective, relatable products. I have formed some really special bonds with women who may lead different lifestyles but we have the similarities of wanting to grow spiritually, mentally and physically.  

Natalia Botanicals - Sleepy Soul — Sleep Enhancer
Sleepy Soul


What is your pre-sleep ritual? Do you have a specific way of getting a good night’s sleep?

  1. Don’t use my laptop after 7pm and switch my phone to Airplane mode at 9:30pm as overusing electronic devices really effect my quality of sleep, which is so important for overall wellness.
  2. Sleep at 10pm but make a conscious effort to start winding down at 9pm. I cleanse and moisturise, sage my crystals on my bedside table as crystals absorb energy so it’s vital we release the energy to allow them to work effectively.
  3. I have a large chunk of rose quartz, apophyllite and black tourmaline and to promote love and sleep. I climb into bed and enjoy a mug of warm hemp milk with ½ tsp of Sleepy Soul elixir which helps to promote deep, quality sleep and helps me to wake up feeling fresh. Sleepy Soul is especially important as it promotes renewal and regeneration of tissues and nerve cells.
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