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Inspired by family traditions of giving back, MyMouth was founded to create a company that focused on education; changing consumer habits to improve oral health, general health and well-being in a sustainable way. With their experience in dentistry, and with a specialist periodontist behind them, they were perfectly positioned to design a product range developed by, used by and supported by dentists. Focused on helping make small changes to protect the planet and our oral health, MyMouth are aiming to change the oral health industry to offer an eco-friendlier solution with greater education which will benefit the health and wellbeing of customers across the globe. 

We speak with Nishal Thakrar, Marketing and Commercial Director of MyMouth, about their dental hygiene products and why eco-friendly oral care matters.


Who founded Mymouth, and what inspired them?


MyMouth is a family-run business with 5 founding members; Dr Sameet Hindocha (Dentist), Dr Viren Vithlani (Specialist Periodontist), Dr Upen Vithlani (Dentist), Mital Thakrar (Pharmacist) and Nishal Thakrar (Economist). The team are a close-knit group with a range of skills helping to build a modern, forward-thinking company. Over the years, we were always discussing gaps in the market and what we could do to fill it. MyMouth was the solution. Combining education with sustainability in the dental market was our vision. Furthermore, tongue cleaning has been around for many centuries, yet is universally under-looked, despite having many health benefits. Our aim is to educate the public on not only tongue cleaning, but it’s impact on health generally and wellbeing. We had also identified the impact of plastic pollution and the volume of plastic waste this was causing by dental products alone. On average, 264 million plastic toothbrushes are thrown away in the UK each year and a similar issue exists with floss. Our business model then developed to provide eco-friendly solutions to these problems as well as addressing tongue cleaning and providing our customers with ‘the eco-choice’.

Our inspiration is driven from our late grandfathers’ ethos of helping those around him, both locally and globally. He’d consistently unlock education opportunities for children in Africa and India and continually support them through their studies. It’s fair to say that MyMouth’s foundations are derived from our grandfathers’ values instilled into us from a very young age. The ethos of MyMouth, the focus of educating children and the improvement of our consumers oral health are key pillars of our company value and beliefs and this is what inspires us.


MyMouth - Bamboo toothbrush and case

How was the brand name chosen?


MyMouth was a name that we all agreed on from the very first moment it was mentioned. It is a catchy name and flows off everyone’s tongue. It signifies the importance of one’s mouth and can become a brand that is relatable and also remembered.


What makes Mymouth’s dental products different?


MyMouth provide innovative, high-quality, eco-friendly oral health products that are accessible and affordable to all our customers and consumers. All of our products are travel-friendly, recyclable and attractive and this combination is essential for setting us apart from others in the market.


MyMouth - JiBees

Of the Mymouth items that we are featuring on myza, which is your particular favourite and why? 

The JiBee. Tongue Cleaning is universally under looked, despite having so many health benefits it still doesn’t sit in most of the consumers oral health routine. Our aim is to educate the public on these benefits and for them adopt tongue cleaning as part as their oral health routine and realise the fantastic benefits that it unlocks. The JiBee was designed with an ergonomic hold and a clip feature to make the product travel-friendly and a perfect size for your washbag. The JiBee is available in four vibrant colours, appealing to every individual.

You say on your website that you work with charity partners. What is their focus?

We have partnered with two charities; Street Child and Leicester Hospital’s Charity. Street Child focuses on educating and protecting children all over the world. They have helped over 300,000 children go to school, while supporting 29,000 families to set up their own businesses. Street Child believe that achieving universal basic education is the single greatest step that can be taken towards the elimination of global poverty. I have seen first-hand, how the work of charities can help children all over the world from visits to Africa and India, which is one of many reasons we have partnered with Street Child.

Leicester Hospital’s Charity aims to provide the best facilities and environments for patients, staff and visitors as well as helping to supply state of the art equipment. The support helps to secure the best possible future for children’s healthcare – giving them the opportunity to shine. Our (late) grandfather moved from Uganda to Leicester in the 1900’s and supported children giving them the opportunities, which is one of the reasons we have decided to partner with this charity.

(P.S. look out for a charity 50k run that the founders of MyMouth will be doing in October 2021 for Leicester Hospital’s Charity)


MyMouth - Floss Picks

What drives you, and where do you get your inspiration from?

The biggest inspiration is knowing your “why?”, once you have realised this, this provides us with our drive, determination and inspiration. For the team and I, we have two why’s; 1. Helping those less fortunate than ourselves, 2. Providing the best life for our families.

Ever since a young age, helping others has always been a part of our values. For me personally, I’ve had the fantastic experience of visiting orphanages in Africa to feed hundreds of children, this itself brings a whole sense of purpose and the ability to see what impact I’m having on these children provides me with my energy.

Where do you see Mymouth being in the next five years?

I see MyMouth as a household dental brand (both domestically and internationally), with a more extensive range of eco-friendly products. The public will be using a JiBee as part of their oral health routine and they will be more educated on improvements to their oral health and be more educated about taking the eco-friendlier choice. MyMouth will also be seen as a significant contributor to reducing plastic waste within the oral health industry and continue to support fantastic charitable causes globally.

MyMouth - JiBee

What is your pre-sleep ritual? Do you have a specific way of getting a good night’s sleep?

Over the past few years, my pre-sleep and morning rituals have changed significantly for the better. I’d found that it’s important that my routine for switching off at night and getting a good night’s sleep is something that needed to be worked on but was also consistently being practiced. Avoiding screens for at least 60 minutes before bed enables me to switch off and start to wind down. I use this time to reflect on my day and then set out key actions for the following day and mini goals that I’d like to achieve. It’s important to reflect daily, this helps me focus on how I could have done something better but also recognise where my decisions and actions were correct. Furthermore, my morning consists of a 30-minute reading slot, allocating this time in the morning gives me a great burst of energy for the day and enables me to have a great motivational start. Don’t be afraid to change your routine up but always remember your bedtime routine and morning routine are very important!

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