In Conversation With: Blästa Henriët

Blästa Henriët

A Scandinavian brand that takes design and durability very seriously, Blästa Henriët brings passion and skilled craftsmanship to the forefront in their London studios through their luxurious wellbeing products. Using only natural, raw materials that have been sustainably sourced, each piece is made carefully by hand for the ultimate therapeutic touch. From wheat bags to eye pillows to loungewear, the brand stars European hypoallergenic linen for a lavishly soft experience.

We speak to Lo Blästa Henriët about why she started Blästa Henriët and what makes her wheat bags and pillows so special


Tell me a little about yourself, and what inspired you to create Blästa Henriët?


I grew up in Sweden and we used plain linen covers filled with wheat kernels to keep warm and cosy, rather than hot water bottles. I wanted to recreate something like that in my own designs. Our customers tend to be mindful of the environment and chooses natural and sustainable materials over plastic. 

Can you explain what a wheat bag and an eye pillow is?


The Wheat Bag and Eye Pillow are natural hot & cold packs that provide relaxation and natural pain relief.

How they work?

The wheat packs can be heated in the microwave or oven, and cooled in the freezer. Apply to the body to decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain and inflammation, and relieve muscle spasms. They will also keep you warm and cosy throughout winter, and cool during summer.

How they can aid sleep?

The eye pillow will block out light as well as apply a slight pressure, this sends signals to the brain to relax and can help you fall asleep quicker. A warm wheat pack before bed can help you wind down and gently raise your body temperature, thus triggering the sleep mechanism.

Blästa Henriët's Eye Pillows
Blästa Henriët’s Eye Pillows

How do you maintain the sustainable nature of your production? / Do you find there are any limitations to your production methods as a result?


We think it’s important to support local trade and British craftsmanship. By keeping all production in the UK we can easily oversee production methods whilst minimising our carbon footprint. We’ve also chosen to work with sustainable materials, such as our unbleached linen and recycled packaging. The end product does end up costing a little more but we think that’s more than worth it.

Of the products that we’re featuring on the website, what’s the best seller, and why is it a must-need?


Our best selling product is the Blue Creatures Linen Eye Pillow. It ticks all the boxes for great sleep, great gift and natural pain relief.


Do you think sleep is now a luxury commodity? How do you think your products are designed to accommodate our rapidly changing sleeping habits?


Sleep is so important. A lack of sleep can have a devastating impact, still so many of us struggle with sleep for many different reasons. There are so many amazing products that are designed to help with sleep. I would say our products are particularly good for people who struggle with sleep because of anxiety or aches and pains.


As a company, where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Can we expect new products/designs/ranges/materials?


Over the next 10 years I see ourselves growing in terms of what we can offer our customers, to be available in more retail spaces and to maintain our pledge to manufacture as locally as possible. Blästa Henriët will continue to focus on natural wellbeing with more products that promote self-care and beauty in everyday essentials. Some of these products will be added to our range over the next month to be launched this January at Top Drawer in London.

Blästa Henriët's Hot Water Bottles
Blästa Henriët’s Hot Water Bottles

And finally, a few pearls of wisdom from you! Run us through your recipe for great sleep, and some do’s and don’ts we ought to follow / What’s one thing you recommend we do with our bedtime routine for better sleep and better health?



For me a recipe for good sleep is to reduce stress, avoid caffeine and sticking to a routine.

Do: treat your bedroom as a sleep sanctuary. Wind down an hour before bed time with a warm bath, book and wheat bag.

Don’t: work, eat or watch TV in the bedroom. 

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