Inlight Beauty’s Under Eye Revive – Product Review

Baggy, tired eyes…

It’s one thing to be suffering from sleeplessness, or constantly feeling the effects of “social jet lag”. But it’s another thing having to constantly bear witness to what effect such poor sleep is having upon your physical body, usually in the form of dark, baggy circles under your eyes.

Then again, poor sleep isn’t the only reason for dark, tired eyes. From inherited facial features to  allergies, stress to increasing skin laxity, we’re all (sadly) susceptible to those dark circles.



Devoted to using natural ingredients and showing the utmost respect for the environment, Inlight Beauty were the very first UK skincare company to gain Cosmos accreditation, working closely with the UK’s Soil Association to maintain the best possible standards in the beauty industry. All packaging for example, is responsibly and sustainably sourced, and recyclable.

Sustainability aside however, Inlight also provides what can only be described as skincare products of the highest quality, free from harmful ingredients or chemicals responsible for causing skin irritation.

So, when I first heard that they had produced an organic eye balm – Inlight Beauty’s Under Eye Revive – specifically formulated to combat puffiness and brighten the look of dark circles, I was particularly excited to test it out.

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Meticulously sourced and blended, Inlight Beauty use the finest organic ingredients, chosen for their natural therapeutic and preservative properties.

Of course, I did have questions. Would it be suitable for sensitive skin? Having tried so many products/devices to counter my congested eyes, and sadly to no avail, what was so different about Inlight Beauty’s Under Eye Revive? And most importantly of all – would it even work?

Upon first using the oil-based, water-free formula, I was presented with a wonderfully luscious liquid that was oily, but not-at-all greasy. With jojoba oil as the base oil, the balm is perfect even for sensitive skin, and combined with the deeply-moisturising hazelnut oil and beeswax, my skin felt immediately hydrated after its first application.

How and when you apply the organic eye balm is entirely up to you. However, I soon became sure that applying the formula immediately after washing my face and administering my preferred toner, and before my moisturiser, was the most effective way to use it.

It’s recommended that you use Inlight’s Under Eye Revive for approximately 3 weeks, applying both in the morning and evening, before you begin to reduce your regularity of applying the product. In that time, it was suggested that any evidence of congested and tiresome eyes would near-disappear.

After 2 weeks of use, a tinge of darkness admittedly remains under each of my eyes. However, I cannot emphasise enough the difference it’s made not just in my skin’s appearance, but in general feeling. Refreshing and invigorating in the morning, cleansing and luxurious in the evening, the eye balm now takes pride of place in my daily skincare routine. 

Of all the products I have used under my eyes – ice-gel masks, caffeine serums etc. – it has been particularly difficult to find a substance that is both reinvigorating, and deeply-hydrating. But the Under Eye Revive does exactly that. And if you’d like to, I’d even suggest keeping the case in the fridge, if you’re keen for that early-morning wake-up some of us so desperately need.

So, as you brace yourself for even more late evenings, cold weather, and inevitable stresses of daily life, why not treat yourself to something that not only reinvigorates your face, but also, awakens your mind and body.

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