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In Conversation With: Wicklewood

“Ah!” says Mrs. Elton, in Jane Austen’s Emma, “There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”

Few would beg to differ with Mrs. Elton on this particular point. For most of us, there really is, no place like home.

Designed precisely as you like it, and (usually) occupied by your closest family and friends, it’s no surprise that even the very best hotels, with the most beautiful surroundings, fail to replicate the sense of belonging and comfortability that we regularly associate with home.

But of course, the ever-changing demands of modern life are having a very real impact upon our conception of ‘home’. Whereas once we would have been expected to live in the same home – or at least same locality – from the cradle to the grave, changes in lifestyles/aspirations have resulted in many of us regularly moving from property-to-property throughout our lives. It’s unsurprising therefore, from Generation Rent to the average duration of homeownership rapidly decreasing throughout the UK, that many now perceive themselves as ‘modern nomads’, forever on the move.

One such person was Caroline, Wicklewood’s Founder. A modern nomad herself (having lived in eight different flats in the space of ten years), Caroline knew first-hand of the general desire amongst each of us to make any space – whether temporary or permanent – our very own space.

Wicklewood cushions laid on sofa and chair. Specialising in “small design with big impact”, Wicklewood provides us with four design essentials – colourful throw cushions, beautiful bedding, bold area rugs and decorative global accents – essentially granting customers the opportunity to make interior design easy, effortless, and without the often extortionate interior design industry fees.

“I wanted to provide a quick and easy decorating solution that offered a unique design,” said Caroline.

Indeed, perfectly adaptable to any season, room, or mood, it is perhaps that “unique design” that distinguishes Wicklewood from so many other brands specialising in home décor.

For instance, Caroline partners with artisans all around world, ensuring the brightly-coloured designs perfectly reflect a philosophy that is steeped in history, familial experience throughout the textile industries, and inspired by a number of extraordinary women (incl. famed collector of rare Mesoamerican textiles, lecturer and Caroline’s own great great grandmother, Lily De Jongh Osborne). As a result, as well as wonderfully refreshing and contemporary, Wicklewood’s designs are timeless, and sure to last long into the future.

Wicklewood cushions and quilt on sofa in living room. Admiration for the brand is then only enhanced, once you discover just to what extent Caroline has allowed her invaluable experiences to influence the craftsmanship, and business-practises throughout Wicklewood.

“We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our products are ethically-produced, as well as assembled with the upmost care,” said Caroline. “All our quilts for example, are hand-block-printed, and many of our cushions are hand-woven in Guatemala.”

What About Sleep? 

Of course, there will be those that consider Wicklewood as somewhat disconnected from the concerns of the sleep deprived. As beautiful as they look, how can Wicklewood’s dual-sided print cushions or original block printed quilts possibly improve sleep?

Well, although not immediately obvious, each and every choice we make in regards to home décor will impact upon our ability to sleep well. Cleanliness, combined with our home’s suitability to our particular wants and needs, will influence our preparedness for the coming day ahead, or our ability to relax and calm ourselves down at the end of a difficult day at work. After all, home, as our favoured place of retreat, should be considered as a place of “real comfort”.

Wicklewood cushions and throw on bed in bedroomAnd our bedroom is no different. As we regularly emphasise on myza, how we perceive our bedroom is just as important as what’s actually inside our bedroom.

After all, so long as you consider your bedroom as something other than a place of rest – perhaps to watch some TV, or do some work before bed etc. – you will be reaffirming within your mind that your bed/bedroom is not for sleep. What’s more, by neglecting the home décor in your bedroom, you are subconsciously acknowledging the seeming unimportance of your bedroom, and consequentially, your sleep.

Caroline admits that she didn’t used to be a great sleeper. “When I was much younger, I used to be a little bit obsessive-compulsive in the things I had to do before bed, in order to get into a perfect state of mind for sleep. But now, for whatever reason, I can get in bed, read for about 10 minutes, and before I know it, I’m asleep!”

Caroline later acknowledged, that it’s not just about a good book. It’s that sense of purpose, that sense of belonging and comfortability that enables her mind and body to relax, and prepare for sleep. And it’s enormously important to remember that it’s by taking more care of ourselves, and our sleeping arrangement, that best prepares us for restful, high-quality sleep.

Wicklewood cushionsArtisanal flair, ethical production and an honourable philosophy each provide Wicklewood’s products with a distinctive appeal, as well as designs that were previously restricted to only a select proportion of society. With Wicklewood, Caroline has provided us with the opportunity to brighten up our home, wherever that may be.

What’s more, Wicklewood gives its customers a unique personality, and an ability to personalise their home like never before. That’s why Caroline’s right to suggest that “we should expect more from our space.” After all, our home for example shouldn’t merely look ‘beautiful’ or ‘welcoming’.

It should represent us – who we have been, who we currently are, and who we aspire to be.

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Head of Content and Editorial at myza

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