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sleep.bygrace, created by Yasmin Grace, is an independent silk pyjama brand. In addition to its independent brand style, sleep.bygrace draws international inspiration. A trip to Jaipur, India, inspired Yasmin, where she was offered the chance to design her own silk pyjamas. Above all, the vibrant colours and patterns that the people of Jaipur put into their designs stunned Yasmin. After that, Yasmin agreed with the tailor to collaborate on a creative business venture. From there, sleep.bygrace was born!

What Makes Silk Such a Great Material for Pyjamas?

Silk is an extremely comfortable material. It is luxurious, soft, smooth, and enables the skin to breathe. Silk regulates your body’s temperature, makes you feel like you are floating, on a cloud, counting sheep.

Moreover – and the best part – sleep.bygrace silk is blended with a poly silk. This means when you wake up, you can just throw your silk pyjamas into the washing machine. You can re-wear them, night after night. 

What Did You Discover on Your Visit to Jaipur, India?

Jaipur, “The Pink City”, is a magical place. Culture, colour, and fast-paced life fills the city. Jaipur opened the eyes of our founder Yasmin Grace, and allowed her to re-discover her creative alter ego, and, well the rest is history. 


How is the production of fabric unique in Jaipur?

Textile art is one of the foundations of tradition in Jaipur. The Rajasthani people wear bright, colourful garments. The fabrics have been produced in traditional ways for hundreds of years – art is one of the foundations of tradition in Jaipur. The Rajasthani people wear bright, colourful garments. The fabrics are exceptional quality, and are prized all over the world, and really are a feast for the eyes and the bed. 


What Inspires Your Bright, Unique Patterns?

The merry-go-round of life. We are (all) guilty of living grey lives – stuck in a routine of work-sleep, work-sleep. But, who said the merry-go-round had to be grey? Moreover, who said the nightly pause has to be dull, dark, and black? Our unique patterns are the brightness for the balance in life we all need – the contrast to our grey days.

And of course, Jaipur. Jaipur is the Pink City – the most colourful city of India. We couldn’t possibly produce a grey pyjama!

What is Your Bedtime Routine?

Honestly – just Dinner, bath and bed (in sleep.bygrace silk pyjamas, of course). It’s the simple pleasures.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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