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In Conversation With: Rocabi

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Why was it that as a young child, some of us felt that enormous sense of security and comfortability, simply when we were tucked into bed by a parent or loved one? And why is it that today, when we are stressed, anxious or upset, that we find reassurance in the embrace of a friend or partner?

Heavy specialty blankets have been used for decades as therapeutic aids, helping people with autism and beyond to focus on sensory experiences. However, more recently, weighted blankets have been suggested to help those suffering from anxiety, insomnia and even, depression, relieving symptoms and promoting a sense of comfortability without the use of medication.

“As a child, my mum would often tuck me into bed at bedtime,” said Patrick Roche, rocabi’s CEO and Founder. “Growing up however, I continued to crave extra blankets in bed, not to mention the bedtime hug of loved one.”

Rocabi Luxury Adult Weighted Blanket

Having originally trained as an architect for six years, Patrick moved to New York City in 2012, inspired by the energy, culture and entrepreneurial spirit streaming throughout the city. It was there, that he became involved in Sustainable Healthcare Design, inspired by the belief that “good design can be healing” for patients and beyond. It was during that time however, that Patrick became passionate about sleep. 

“When I worked in design and architecture, long hours and a particularly demanding schedule taught me the value of effective sleep. So, in an effort to enhance my sleep, I suddenly became obsessed with pharmaceutical-free sleep aids,” from dietary supplements to new bedding.

As he soon found out however, Patrick’s lack of high-quality rest didn’t derive from a tired mattress, uncomfortable bedding or a stuffy bedroom, but rather, a lack of weight and sensory touch whilst he was lying in bed.

“I noticed that my sleep pattern was disrupted most dramatically when I didn’t feel the presence of a partner. The only way I could compensate for this, was with the help of a weighted blanket. From the very first time I tried one my mind stopped racing and I slept like a stone. I knew I had to share this product with the world, and since establishing rocabi, I’ve been blown away by the phenomenal feedback from customers.”

Having witnessed the recent influx of weighted blankets into the sleep industry, it was only natural that some of us would question the effectiveness of such a product. However, as Patrick was keen to point out, he’s not alone in his adoration of weighted blankets.

“The sleeping experience of a weighted blanket ignited a curiosity as to why and how they work, and through my own inquisitive research, I managed to discover that this phenomenon has been rigorously studied and tested. What they’ve concluded, is the existence of a process called Deep Pressure Therapy, helping to reduce anxiety and inducing a sense of calm. Or personally, I like to think of it as hug simulator.”

Inner Weighted Cotton Blanket
Rocabi provides weighted blankets for everybody, with the choice of 15 lbs, 20 lbs and 25 lbs blankets.

It’s Deep Pressure Therapy or deep рrеѕѕurе tоuсh stimulation (DPTS), that provides rocabi’s lauded Luxury Weighted Blanket with the ability to ease your anxiety, help you get to sleep and even help tackle depression. Heavier than those throws or quilts we usually use, weighted blankets can range from 4 to 30 lbs. in weight, finally providing users with a safe alternative to medication, or an effective complement to existing therapies. 

Sleeplessness for example, is often associated with stress, and an inability to reach a relaxed, calm mindset. However, by pushing your body downwards onto your bed, a weighted blanket can actually replicate the hands-on pressure often experienced as part of a hug or embrace, gradually calming your mind and body.

Moreover, this ‘grounding’ effect has been suggested in range of studies, to reduce night-time levels of cortisol – otherwise known as the stress hormone – and relieve symptoms of insomnia. DPTS for example, can grant users a sense of security and comfortability, via its impact on the production of positive, feel-good hormones, such as serotonin or dopamine. Products such as rocabi’s Luxury Weighted Blanket provides those who sleep alone, or can’t rely upon their partner’s embrace throughout the night, to experience that sense of support we each so deserve (especially once we’re wrapped up in bed).

But of course, not all weighted blankets are the same, with differences in weight, quality, material. So, when looking for the perfect weighted blanket, what should you be looking for?

“The rule of thumb,” said Patrick, “is to select a blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight. If you choose one that’s too heavy, it may become rather impractical, and if it’s too light, it’s likely to not be as effective. I would also recommend choosing a weighted blanket with a removable cover. Not only does this make maintenance a breeze, but ensures that you can alternate between appropriate covers for the summer and winter.”

15 lbs weighted blanket for anxiety
Non Toxic Orderless Glass Beads are placed in small pockets and are sewn into the fabric between two layers of cotton. This adds mass to the blanket which allows it to ‘hug’ the user and apply a gentle, deep touch, and pressure that is spread out across the body evenly.

What’s more, Patrick indicated the importance of what determines the weight of the blanket. “Choose blankets with glass beads. Glass beads are silent, hygienic and their salt-like consistency allows for an even distribution of weight across the entire blanket.”

As for the future, Patrick has a number of products currently under development, which will soon be available for purchase. From a weighted eye mask, to the launch of the Boyfriend Blanket (a weighted blanket specifically for those in a long distance relationships), rocabi possesses a deep comprehension of the wants and needs of the modern sleeper.

To find out more about rocabi‘s Luxury Adult Weighted Blanket, click here.


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