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In Conversation With: HÜGGE

What’s in a brand name? What’s it supposed to convey? A philosophy, a specific product, or perhaps an entire industry?

In the case of HÜGGE, it represents each of those things, and so much more. It’s a philosophy, a product, and a symbolisation of what CEO Paul Francis aimed to achieve when he established it over a year ago – authentic, affordable bedding that actively improves your quality of sleep.

“HÜGGE is derived from a desire to build something that my family and friends would want to have. Something simple, yet more comfortable and conducive to high-quality sleep than any other mattress on the market.” In other words, not merely did HÜGGE want to enter the mattress market selling just another mattress. They wanted to encourage a ‘HÜGGE’ lifestyle, taking the best from Scandinavian design and putting love and care into each and every mattress.

Picture of HUGGE CEO, Paul Francis
“The idea of HÜGGE itself, came from a trip to Miami in Spring 2016. It was there, whilst at a trade show, that I decided that I actually wanted to build a mattress myself.” [Pictured: Paul Francis]
Buying a mattress is never easy. Is it comfortable? Is it durable? Is it well-made? And most importantly, will it provide you with high-quality rest? 

Before HÜGGE, finding a mattress that managed to answer ‘yes’ to each of those questions had become more difficult than ever before. The mattress sector had become epitomised by a seeming ‘race to the bottom.’ From inflated sales prices to low-quality products, from manufacturing malpractice to insincere marketing campaigns, customers were losing out, and as a result, their quality of sleep was suffering severely.

Even the entrance of several online retailers did little to provide consumers with value for money, favouring instead to use their online platforms to sell even cheaper beds, whilst failing to improve upon the quality of bedding.

Paul Francis had seen this firsthand, having previously acted as UK Managing Director of Hilding Anders Denmark (the largest bed-manufacturer in Europe), and couldn’t allow for it to continue. 

So, Paul and his team – with over 40 years combined experienced in the bedding industry – developed a beautifully simple and comfortable mattress, consisting of three layers of memory foam, and an outer cover “manufactured in Belgium by the world’s experts” in advanced textiles. 

Link to purchase HUGGE mattress
The HÜGGE mattress’ outer cover is made from two way stretch natural fibre Tencel™ yarn – capable of wicking moisture away from you and keeping your mattress at an ambient temperature for sleeping.

The most innovative of these three layers, is perhaps the “Cooling” or top layer, which is partially responsible for HÜGGE’s name, due to its allowance for people to experience what Paul calls “the hug” in their mattress. What’s more, unlike fellow memory-foam mattresses currently on the market, the HÜGGE mattress’ “Cooling Layer” is created from a special open cell memory foam, allowing for heat transference like never before.

When you combine this with the more resistant “Middle Layer”, and the “Supportive” bottom layer – which has been systematically divided into 5 zones via castellation, thereby ensuring the mattress ergonomically maps the shape and curves of your body – you can only admire HÜGGE’s innovative design. Hypoallergenic, long-lasting and actively supporting your body’s natural alignment, HÜGGE’s mattress not only improves your comfortability, but also suits each of our individual and specific needs. 

That’s why Paul tells us that they approach everything they do at HÜGGE bearing in mind three distinctive features of sleep. First, is our preparation for sleep. Second, is the quality of our sleep. And third (and most importantly), is you. “We’re developing a lifestyle brand that will cover each of these three things. That’s how we aim to grow – maintaining discussion and dialogue with our changing sleeping habits.” 

Link to purchase HUGGE mattress
“As we continue to develop products, all of them will need to embrace our desire for simplicity and authenticity.”

One way they do that is through their blog, curated by HÜGGE’s co-founder Claire, a fully-qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with a keen interest in health and wellbeing. From self-care advice (eg.“How To Sleep With a Cold”) to essential information for all sleep enthusiasts (eg.“What Is Circadian Rhythm?”), HÜGGE has all bases covered when improving our sleep is concerned.

HÜGGE aims at appealing to two groups – the young professional, between the ages of 25 and 35 years old, and the tech-savvy, 35 to 55 year olds. In other words, those that “expect a fabulous service, wish to buy in risk-free way, and want to buy nice things for themselves and their family.” Consequently, HÜGGE is devoted to providing the highest quality of service that they possibly can, and even allow customers to purchase their HÜGGE mattress on a 100 night trial, together with free return.  

HÜGGE doesn’t want to stay still either. They’re already expanding their current nighttime range to include the individually wrapped pocket spring HÜGGE Pillow, and their very own mattress protector that is both soft on the skin and hypoallergenic.

HÜGGE pillow and link to purchase HUGGE mattress
With its unique bounce-back-ability, the HÜGGE Pillow promises to never flatten, even for the largest of heads! It gently supports and cradles your head, whilst also maintaining spine alignment.

But despite their ever-growing range online, and more recently, selling to consumers via the iconic Harrods in London Knightsbridge, Paul and the team at HÜGGE are still motivated by their original intentions – to provide customers with the highest quality sleep.

What I don’t want to do,” said Paul, “is to sound like every other sleep expert, demanding that you sleep in a particular way.”

“If somebody asked me though, how to achieve better sleep, I’d probably say three things. One, concentrate on yourself and how you find peace of mind. Two, develop your own sleep-preparation routine. Third, ensure you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s right for you.”

Indeed, it may seem a lot. But, rest assured, HÜGGE’s here to help you out.

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