How to Sleep Well on New Year’s

Let’s be honest – you’re probably not going to have an early night this New Year’s. With lots of good food, good drink, and good times – you’re probably not going to wake up early either. It is better to admit this to yourself now than to pretend your sleep will be normal at this time of year. It is also important to admit you’ll definitely have a lot to eat and drink, even if you think you’ll be sensible, and working it in with your sleep rather than promising to go cold turkey, only to break it.

For those who struggle with sleep issues such as insomnia, one potentially bad night’s sleep can cause problems for a long time after. Many people need consistent sleep schedules in order to function well with daily and working life. Lacking regular full nights of sleep will create chronic tiredness issues where energy is difficult to restore. This makes it even more important to plan on how to achieve a goodnight’s sleep before New Year’s comes around.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s the oldest hangover trick in the book – and it’s essential for New Year’s. Drinking water before bed after alcohol consumption. is a tip many of us have heard of. Better yet, it works. The NHS recommends to drink a pint of water before bed to prevent hangovers. Doing so helps speed up the processing of alcohol in your system – it’s the lingering in your system that creates the environment for hangovers. Feeling dehydrated is a huge cause of hangover pain, so even if you do feel bad the next morning, water helps prevent the pain from worsening.

Mind Your Food Consumption Before Bed

You should not feel bad about indulging this festive season – what better season is there to eat, drink, and be merry? It’s the end of a long, and often difficult, year for many, and everyone else will be eating their favourite New Year treats. It truly is the best time to celebrate with good festive food.

Just make sure you aren’t keeping yourself awake or feeling worse the next day. If you have problems with sleep or indigestion, this is especially important to keep in mind. Try not to eat straight before heading to bed, especially food that is a large amount or is particularly rich. Try to give it at least an hour before bed, but make sure you’ve had enough to eat so you don’t end up hungry at bedtime. For more advice on getting enough sleep this party season, see our guide to sleeping well at Christmas time.

Don’t Sleep Too Long on New Year’s Day

It can be really tempting to have a long lie in after a long night, especially one after a party. If you have problems with insomnia, however, it is better to avoid this. Having a particularly long lie can cause you to lose a consistent sleep schedule and cause prolonged problems for days – even weeks!

Sleep experts recommend sleeping no later than an hour later than you normally would if you have chronic sleep issues. Experts believe it is better to have a nap or go to bed slightly earlier on New Year’s Day. That way, you will not ruin your sleep schedule. If you feel especially tired, try having extra caffeine, but not too close to bedtime.

Hit the Gym on New Year’s Day – Yes, Really

You know the cliché – the gym will be full of people on January 1st, hoping to start the new year with a resolution to keep fit. The next day, it’s empty once more. Swearing to start a new life of fitness is often easier said than done.

If you can, however, that January 1st gym appointment should still be kept. This is especially true if you’ve had a lot to drink the previous night. Exercising after a heavy night can help get rid of toxins through sweat and synch your body back into its natural rhythm. Exercise, when done in the right way, can provide the hormones you need for a good night’s rest.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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