Herdysleep Mattress – Product Review


This 100% British made mattress with 6000 pocket springs and layers of natural materials including wool fleece, cotton and cashmere is a seriously comfy option from British brand herdy in collaboration with master mattress makers Harrison Spinks. Unlike the traditional pocket-sprung mattress, it comes vacuum-packed in a box making it easy to carry upstairs.

Materials used in a Herdysleep Mattress

However, this is where similarities with many of the other ‘bed in a box’ mattresses end. The herdysleep mattress is traditionally tufted and hand-finished, and to my mind ticks all the boxes for luxury. Made with Herdwick wool from the Lake District. Sustainably sourced and designed to support the local Lake District economy, a full wool fleece is used in each mattress. As well as being hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. This wool mattress will naturally regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.


The 100-night sleep trial means you can easily return it and obtain a full refund. If you are not happy though and there is a 10-year warranty, so although it may seem more expensive than other ‘bed in a box’ mattresses you are investing in a quality mattress that will remain so for a decade and it is   considerably cheaper than other premium traditional pocket-sprung mattresses which I have looked at.


The delivery procedure was quick and efficient. The mattress came securely wrapped in thick plastic and a small cutter was provided to assist with cutting this. It was straightforward unfurling the mattress on the bed – the mattress has handles -and discovering the small toy herdy sheep inside, was a great touch. I was slightly worried as to the possible impact of vacuum-packing upon a traditional pocket-sprung mattress however, it was evident that I need not have worried. The mattress looked so inviting it was difficult to refrain from sleeping on it for the recommended 24 hours to allow it to expand but it was definitely worth the wait!

Your sleeping position influences the type of mattress you need. If you sleep on your front go for a firm mattress, while back sleepers should go for a firm or medium firm mattress. This will provide the correct balance of support and comfort. If you are a side sleeper look for a soft or medium level of firmness in your mattress as it will give you the correct level of cushioning and mould to your body’s natural curve.

As a back sleeper, I like my mattress to be reasonably firm and this mattress did not disappoint. It was incredibly comfortable, providing just the right level of support. Being a very light sleeper I am probably more critical than most as to the comfort level of any mattress and the herdysleep mattress scored very highly with me in this respect. It also looked and felt utterly luxurious, in fact I cannot praise it highly enough. Available in single, double, king and super king.

By Helen Collins

Co-founder of myza

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