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Halcyon Naturals Relax Signature Candle Review

There are few things as relaxing as lighting a scented candle and filling the room with a delicious scent. Not only just creating a relaxing ambiance but they can also offer positive mental and wellbeing properties with particular scents helping to elevate your mood or promote a restful night’s sleep.

For soothing scented candles that will help you to de-stress and find inner calm, look no further than the beautiful collection of hand poured luxury candles by Halcyon Naturals. Produced in England, each candle is made with a blend of natural vegetable waxes and therapeutic grade essential oils tailored to lift your mood with the use of aromachology – a fusion of aromatherapy with scent psychology for a better selfcare experience. All products in the collection are vegan friendly, cruelty free and contain no paraffin or other toxins.

Halcyon Naturals's Candles
Halcyon Naturals’s Candles

You can choose from one of four ‘Moods’ – Relax, Release, Renew and Relate – each with its own signature scent plus three complimentary scents, a collection of sixteen blends, to create a unique self-care experience. These stunning scents are available as candles as well as room mists and diffusers. I have been trialling Halcyon Naturals Relax Signature Candle in a standard size which has approximately thirty hours burn time. This luxurious scented candle is presented in a unique deep blue glass holder – deep blue apparently works well to evoke deep calming vibes – so would look great on a shelf or side table.

The candle is infused with soothing scents of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils. Essential oils are commonly used to improve both physical and emotional health. They have a direct link to the brain and their aromas can trigger an emotional response, so this candle is not just all about the fragrance. Eucalyptus inspires optimism and can increase motivation, Lavender essential oil is frequently used for its ability to decrease anxiety, instantly relaxing both mind and body whilst Lemongrass is fantastic for lifting one’s mood. The innovative combination left me feeling relaxed long after the aroma was gone.

Initially, I kept the candle on my desk to help take the edge off of work pressures, although lighting the candle in the evening can also help you relax and switch off from work. I then decided to create a spa-like ambience by lighting the candle in my bathroom. A beautiful candle feels like a true luxury and at night in a bathroom setting, the Relax Signature Candle not only offered me a relaxing fragrance that made me feel good, but also created a soothing candle-lit ambiance. The flickering flame and evocative scent combined together to stimulate my senses, elevating my bathroom, along with my spirit. I swiftly found myself switching off from everything and could actually feel the tension ebbing away. Subsequently, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

So, I highly recommend the Relax Signature Candle particularly after a long tiring day. Whether you light one to turn bath time into a ritual or to light up your living room or bedroom, this deliciously scented candle will calm and soothe the senses, helping you to de-stress and reach a zen state of mind. What better gift to yourself or others, than one that will promote inner calm and wellbeing so check out Halcyon Naturals unique collection.


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