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Golden Elixir – Lola’s Apothecary Sweet Lullaby Soothing Body & Shower Oil Review

Like most women I always love a beautiful fragrance; be it a favourite candle at bath time or my partner’s aftershave, I cannot deny the power of scent. The fragrance of this bath & shower oil is quite heavenly. Described as a “hug in a bottle” it is a delicious combination of lavender, vanilla, sweet orange, patchouli and spicy ylang ylang. It is also 100% natural which is a major plus for me.

There is a true feeling of luxury with this product. The oil, golden and luminous in tone, comes in a glass bottle with a small wooden cork – a small sprig of lavender in the bottle is a great touch – and is packed in an exceptionally chic white box. Full marks to Lola’s Apothecary on the presentation front!

The oil is extremely concentrated so you only need a few drops for a full bath; I also found it fabulous as a shower oil transforming it into a fragrant experience whilst acting as a rich moisturiser. The bottle contains enough oil for 45 baths so is really good value.

I used the oil in a warm bath shortly before bed – it was incredibly relaxing and felt extremely indulgent – the scent continues to linger and once my head hit the pillow I drifted off to sleep effortlessly. This luxurious oil is just perfect as a gift and also for anyone like myself, who struggles to switch off at bedtime.

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The Myza Editorial Team

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