Gelso Milano: The Power of Silk

Gelso Milano creates only silk products. Silk is a material superpower. Silk gives both style and practicality in equal measure. It is soft to the touch, yet has the look of elegance and luxury. Silk offers comfort while its extravagance lends itself well to quality nightwear.

Silk’s luxury qualities does not mean it compromises on durability. Compared to cotton material we often see in bedding, silk offers much more wear and tear. The strength of a silk thread is equal to that of a steel wire. It is a material made of only natural substances. It does not contain inferior material that makes it cheaper to produce. Silk has the ability to move and stretch without losing its original shape.

Despite its strength, silk is still a kind material you can buy. Its temperature control prevents you from overheating while you sleep. This helps bring quicker, better quality sleep. Silk has a low absorption rate that prevents your skin’s oils from being taken out of your face. This prevents your skin drying out and losing moisture. Its hypoallergenic qualities prevent irritation, meaning silk can stay in contact with the skin all night long without consequence. All these qualities make silk the ultimate material for your bedroom.

Gelso Milano

gelso milano silk

Gelso Milano products use only the finest silks. The brand’s collection of silk products are specially designed for bedtime. The collection ranges from silk scrunchies and sleepy eye masks, to silk pyjamas and pillows. The name “Gelso” comes from the Italian word for mulberry, referring to the finest variant of silk they use in their production.

Mulberry silk is the world’s highest quality silk. The silk worms that help produce the material are exclusively fed mulberry leaves. The nurturing of these worms produces the highest quality silk possible. In return, this helping to nurture humans who use the silk. It is one of the softest silks on the market, making it even kinder to skin as you sleep compared to normal silk. Mulberry silk is a highly biodegradable fabric, using less water. Strength and style combine to create a special silk that’s good for the body and the planet.

Each Gelso Milano design has its own unique artistic flair. Each design has vibrant colours and patterns unlike any other. This brings brilliance to bedtime, leaving no room for dull pyjamas. An in-house studio carefully plans every pattern. This gives the brand its own individual style and artistry, close to its Italian roots.

Italian Artisanry

Gelso Milano is a family business based in Italy, the home of some of history’s greatest art. Their Italian heritage influences the brand’s individual artistic design. Moreover, the family business helps make for a personal style. The company’s products are all made of 100% Italian-crafted silk. Their silk is never from outside sources. Quality and control remains the priority.

The family business has its own personal style of cutting silk. This style is a family secret, giving the brand an exclusive design. Traditional Italian tailoring guides the approach to cutting. At the same time, personal style is key. The silk is not machine-made, but applied by hand. All products have the personal touch that only a family business can achieve.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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