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The Flax Sack Bed Linen Review

The Flax Sack, co-founded by Andrew Mackenzie and Sofiya Belousova, is a recently launched design and lifestyle brand which offers the consumer something new. It aims to move away from current “fast fashion trends” and instead focus on the longevity of products, a philosophy that myza wholly endorses.

Its sustainable bedding is created from a unique blend of linen and bamboo which makes it softer and very easy to care for but without compromising on any of the benefits of pure linen.

I was therefore really looking forward to trialling the Flax Sack’s Bedding Set featuring two pillow cases, duvet cover and flat sheet, in Champagne Pink. The set arrived beautifully boxed, wrapped in tissue paper and accompanied by a charming message from the co-founders. It created a great first impression. Champagne Pink is an earthy pink which would appeal equally to men and women. There are two other colour options available in the bedding; Olive Grey and Oyster White, subdued tones which are very on trend.

Bamboo & Linen Bedding - Olive Grey
Bamboo & Linen Bedding – Olive Grey

The bedding has a unique look and feel to it, being much smoother than pure linen and less rustic. It also has a quality finish. Unusually, the duvet cover had no fasteners or buttons just an “envelope” opening but having struggled in the past with loose or missing buttons this could prove to be a positive design modification and the duvet itself did remain in situ throughout the night.

This is bedding which will improve with age, becoming softer with each wash. It’s very easy to maintain, a machine wash followed by drying either in a tumble-dryer or on a washing line. As with all linen, ironing is optional and down to personal preference so perfect for those of us short on time, however, the inclusion of bamboo in the bedding prevents this linen from creasing excessively. If properly cared for, this bedding should last a decade, so it’s a great investment. What’s not to love?

Linen & Bamboo Bedding - Champagne Pink
Linen & Bamboo Bedding – Champagne Pink

Being naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, it’s also suitable for the most sensitive and eczema prone skin and being moisture absorbent, will help keep your body temperature regulated for maximum all-night comfort so perfect for those hot summer nights.

I found the bedding extremely soft and very cosy to sleep in, the combination of linen and bamboo works exceptionally well, plus the important fact that this bedding is sustainable, all made for a great nights’ sleep.

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Helen Collins

Co-founder of myza

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