Festival of Sleep Day!


You are probably unaware that today January 3rd is Festival of Sleep Day! It’s not clear who founded the day – they were probably too tired anyway to remember – or even why this day of sleep celebration came about but hey who’s complaining, here at myza, we’re always open to any opportunity for more sleep!

The Festival of Sleep Day is the opportunity to sleep in, snooze, nap or grab some downtime and switch off totally. But why today of all days you may well be asking? Well if you think about it, it’s the perfect date for the Festival of Sleep Day.

After the endless Christmas shopping and festivities and the New Year celebrations, the holidays are now over and wow, weren’t they exhausting. At some point, you probably would have given anything, absolutely anything, to go to bed and forget the whole thing. It’s amazing, that any of us survive.

And now it’s cold, grey and miserable outside and all you really want to do is hibernate and wake up to the joys of spring. Well quite frankly, it’s not going to happen so why not make the most of this unique opportunity to re-charge your batteries as a new year of school and work begins?

Take our advice, grab this chance to catch up on a little sleep. Whether it’s all day, a full 8 hours, or just a power nap, go ahead and enjoy the day sleeping. You have a legitimate excuse it’s Festival of Sleep Day and it needs to be celebrated! Cosy up in bed in your favourite pjs, or curl up on the sofa, or any other comfortable place and don’t forget to switch off all those phones and screens.

And if you’re already back at work………well there’s always Festival of Sleep Day 2020!

By The Myza Editorial Team

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