Feng Shui: Channelling Your Sleeping Qi

When we’re down on our luck, or feel like we need a little more oomph in our lives, we make changes. Be it in our diets, how we choose to interact with people, or even with regards to religion, we’ll change a few things around with the hope that it improves our lives on the whole.

But what we often don’t do, or even stop to consider, is change the energy around us. And this is where the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui has got us covered.

Feng, meaning “wind”, and shui, meaning “water”, tackles the grand task of optimising the flow of energy around us to bring about greater benefits to our health, financial prospects, love lives, and all-round luck. The tradition revolves around reshaping the orientation and display of our spaces to improve the good energy that surrounds us.

I assume a few of you are sceptical of the life improvements a tortoise statue under the bed, or a conch shell on the windowsill, can bring to you, but there is perhaps a little more science to feng shui than what meets the eye. Especially with regards to improving our sleep quality, there seems no harm in at least trying to boost the spatial energy for a better night’s sleep.

Hours after of scouring the internet for advice from feng shui masters, and ignoring some of their more bizarre recommendations, we’ve compiled a list of things that you can do in your/to your bedroom to get the best forty-winks you possibly can.

Spin the bed

Feng shui master Kathryn Weber suggests placing the bed on the opposite wall to the door, and not in line with the door itself. If possible, the headboard of the bed should avoid facing or being opposite a wall with a bathroom or kitchen on the other side.


Facing the door provides the sleeper with a sense of security and support, making the sleeper in command of the situation should there be an unprecedented entry into the room. Avoiding the bathroom and kitchen is instrumental to there being fewer vibrations, noises and odours in the way of falling asleep.

Stop looking at yourself

Avoid having a mirror facing the bed, in which you can see your own reflection. Humans have the remarkable ability to recognise faces and a presence, and your own reflection is capable of unsettling you, akin to feeling stalked and observed before sleep. Skip feeling like your own Edward Cullen by having all reflective surfaces facing away from the bed.

Not the roof!

Try to have a bedroom without sloping ceilings or a beam running across, right over your bed. They supposedly “cut” the good energy levels in the room, but what seems more likely is that we, as humans, are less settled with unorthodox, closed shapes that come with sleeping up in the attic, and a beam just poses the risk of it falling down on us as we sleep. An open, conventional box-shaped room with no visible infrastructure is the way to go to feeling more relaxed and stress-free before hitting the hay.

And of course, you’re more than welcome to place a small bowl of jewellery under the bed to invite more wealth, or get rid of the plants in your room to avoid draining the sexual energy, but we’ll leave that to you to decide how much that really impacts your lives.

May the qi be with you.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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