The Drowsy Sleep Silk Sleep Mask Review

Drowsy Sleep Co. The Drowsy Sleep Mask - Damask Rose

Slipping on an eye mask is a well renowned way to slip more easily into sleep. The best eye masks will completely block out the light. Even if you’re napping at noon, no light will be able to disturb your slumber. Drowsy Sleep Co. reckon they’ve cracked it.

My sleep mask arrived in sensible cardboard packaging. Which I opened to reveal a gorgeous pink box that you can keep your eye mask in. I think one of these masks would make a great gift, as they come in an assortment of colours, from gold to pink to midnight blue. I opted for the Damask Rose, because I love pink, but I was very tempted by the darker shades.

The Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask – Damask Rose

Almost everyone who suffers from sleep deprivation or poor sleep is at some point told to try a sleep mask. No one ever thinks you might have already tried one. So I came to this sleep mask with the vague notion that, well, I’ve tried sleep masks in the past and they never did much good. They’re too tight on my apparently massive head, or they ruin my hair by digging in at the back and giving me a weird kink, or they irritate my skin. None of which is exactly conducive to a good night’s sleep. But I have been very pleasantly surprised.

My Drowsy Experience

For comfort, I have never experienced anything like it. Made from luxury 22 momme silk, this dusty pink eye mask has big, cloud-like padding, perfect to protect your eyes as you sleep. The adjustable head strap made it stay secure through the night, even though I am a notoriously rough sleeper. Plus, the velcro fastening is a stroke of genius, as not only did I not get a headache from tight elastic, but it also had zero impact on my hair!

The total black-out design provides the ultimate escape for weary eyes. The Drowsy mask blocks out 100% of light, while the padded lining cushions eyes and muffles sound. With this mask on, I can only see the inside of my eyelids. It has meant I can’t fall asleep watching tv, which was my habit, but it turns out I actually get to sleep faster when not watching a bright screen – who knew.

Looks wise, this mask cannot be defeated.

I answered the door to the postman with it resting on my head. He said it made a very fetching hat! Seriously though, I felt like a little princess wearing this mask. It has made me take my night-time routine more seriously, as I want to maintain it better. Drowsy boast their mask is the ultimate addition to your bedtime tool kit, and they’re not wrong.

The Drowsy Sleep Co was originally founded because the two brothers who began the company couldn’t sleep. A lot of the products that were on the market when they began were supposed to help you sleep, but they didn’t want to use pharmaceutical sleep medication or have to go on countless trips to the pharmacy. With this mask, they have found a way to redefine your sleeping experience, without having to take drugs with potentially harmful side effects.

Drowsy Sleep Co have not only made a beautiful product, they have converted me to being a sleep mask wearer. I highly recommend getting one of these sleep masks, either as a gorgeous self-care gift for a loved one, or just as a special treat for yourself. With colours for everyone, soft silk which is good for all skin types. And a surprisingly high success rate at getting me to drop off, Drowsy Sleep Co have made a lovely product. Get one and get to sleep!

By Eloise Brooks

Content Writer at myza

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