Dook Soap Review

Why We Are Falling Back In Love With Soap Bars.

It goes against what we’ve been continually told, but soaps bars can no longer be regarded as harsh skin irritants, or as boring and basic. Multiple scientific studies have also dispelled the theory that soap bars are more likely to harbour germs and dirt.

Providing a classier alternative to liquid soaps and body washes, luxury soaps bars are slipping back into our beauty routines. The pleasure of unwrapping a fresh fragrant soap bar cannot be underestimated. Wonderfully tactile, beautiful to look at, and infused with essential oils and delicious fragrances. They bear no resemblance to the soap bars of the past. Now formulated with results-driven ingredients and much better for the environment (they are usually sold in plastic-free packaging, require less energy and water in their creation. They also break down more easily) it’s no wonder people are switching to these moisturising, eco-friendly alternatives.

Rosemary and Frankincense Salt Soap, 120g

Dook is a luxury soap brand that’s guaranteed to tick all your boxes. A vegan option, free from parabens, palm oil and artificial fragrances. Its organic formula will be a chic and uplifting addition to your bathroom. Dook, a small, artisanal company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, makes its salt soap in small batches, using organic ingredients, essential oils and natural colours. All ingredients are from a sustainable source. Each batch is mixed and poured by hand resulting in distinctive, high-quality hand and body soap. The inclusion of Himalayan pink salt in its soaps adds a beautiful colour and texture, it is rich in minerals known for their detoxifying, exfoliating and rejuvenating skin support, and it creates a firm, long-lasting bar.

The Review

I trialled Dook’s Rosemary and Frankincense Salt Soap. This luxury soap contains raw Shea Butter to moisturise the skin. Coconut Oil renowned for its cleansing abilities, and Activated Charcoal which visually gives a wonderful swirl of charcoal grey through the bar. And also absorbs more toxins and impurities from your skin, preventing your body from absorbing them. The Shea Butter used in Dook’s soaps is particularly special as it originates from a women’s co-operative based in Northern Ghana. Which represents over six hundred women, giving economic support to a local community of over two thousand four hundred individuals. It is packed full of beneficial properties including vitamins A, E, F and K, and oleic and stearic fatty acids.

Naked – Unscented Salt Soap, 120g

Sustainability at Its Heart

Housed exclusively in recycled and recyclable materials – sustainability and plastic reduction is central to Dook’s manufacturing and retail approach. This invigorating soap bar with its blend of botanical ingredients and essential oils, including rosemary and frankincense, makes for a wash that is as refreshing as it is cleansing. Leaving the body smelling zingy and fresh, whilst moisturising the skin. I loved the crisp, cool fragrance that lingered on my skin. Plus, the soap bar looked as pretty as it smelt with its unique swirl of grey and on-trend packaging, making it perfect gift material.

For use on the hands, or in the bath or shower – I trialled it in the shower. It worked into a wonderfully rich lather and felt completely luxurious upon the skin leaving it soft and silky post-rinse. The soap actually leaves a tiny, imperceptible layer of Shea on your skin that protects and nourishes, so that it cleanses without drying out the skin. With its gender-neutral fragrance, the soap can also be used as a shaving bar.

Amid a major consumer backlash against unnecessary plastic waste, as households are searching for more eco-friendly versions of everyday items. Dook is a brand which very skilfully couples a luxury beauty product with a sustainable lifestyle. I loved this soap bar with its nourishing properties and amazing smell. It is definitely one to include on your wish list! For those of you with sensitive skin, or who prefer their soap unscented, Dook also makes a soap bar with no essential oils or allergens, just pure organic oils and Himalayan Salt.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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