Does Sleep Spray Work?


Sleep spray has been going viral across social media recently due to rave reviews for the product. Most sleep sprays are said to help bring sleep faster using soothing fragrances that help you drift off. Typically, it is sprayed onto your bedsheets, mainly your pillow, for a lasting scent.

However, not all sleep sprays are created equal. How well it works is dependent on a number of factors. Before you buy, it is worth learning about what sleep sprays are available on the market and trying before you buy.

Sleep-Promoting Scents

Drowsy Sleep Co - Sleep S.O.S Pillow Spray
Drowsy Sleep Co – Sleep S.O.S Pillow Spray

Certain fragrances are linked to faster, better quality sleep. Aromatherapy is a common recommendation amongst sleep experts for those who struggle with sleep. Fragrances with relaxing properties work in partnership with your brain to help you sleep. The brain contains smell receptors that will make you feel sleepier and help you unwind when certain triggers are met. Scents that help to bring sleep include, but are not limited to:

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Chamomile
  • Jasmine
  • Sage
  • Vanilla

Lavender in particular is known as a strong sleep remedy. The plant has a sedative effect which helps relax the body and mind. This includes physical ailments such as pain and inflammation, or mental ailments, such as anxiety or stress. This sedative effect also helps to soothe you to sleep.

The Drowsy Sleep Co Sleep S.O.S Pillow Spray, for example, contains wild lavender and other natural, organic ingredients to help you sleep. These ingredients work together to help trigger the relaxing scent receptors and create that sedative effect.

Will a Spray With These Scents Help Me Sleep?

There is no one-size-fits-all for sleep spray. However, there is a solution. Choosing sleep sprays with ingredients proven to help with sleep is likely to work for you. There have not been any conclusive studies on the power of sleep sprays alone. However, we know aromatherapy has highly promising effects. Additionally, placebo effects can be powerful when experimenting with new sleep solutions.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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