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We+People is a health and wellness brand which began when their founder, Zoe, started to successfully treat her ailments with healthy organic food and diet adjustment. Through meticulous research, discovery and food exploration, her symptoms quickly improved resulting in better digestion and sleep, to lessened anxiety and vastly improved hormonal balance.
The ethos of the brand is to ensure that everything that goes into our bodies is natural, plant-based and nutrient rich, to give us the ultimate nourishment and protection needed to defend ourselves from the everyday stresses and toxins that exist in our daily environment.

We+People source the highest grade, internationally certified ingredients and ensures that it delivers a product that is pure and honest with no synthetic fillers or preservatives.

We speak to Greg Keegan about why he and his wife Zoe started We + People and how his supplements are aiding sleep


Tell me a little about yourself, and what inspired you to create We+People?


Zoe and I (co-founders) are a husband and wife team. We started creating superfood blends a few years ago and were experimenting with interesting ingredients that hadn’t yet hit the mainstream. I had my own nootropic formulas to focus on cognition and Zoe has her own blends focussing on adaptogens (stress) and women’s health. After seeing incredible health returns, we knew we could help others and thus We+ People was born.


Who are your target customers, and what makes We+People standout from its competitors?


We are a small batch producer and are proud to source very good quality organic ingredients. We don’t cut corners. Our blends are 100% unique to the market and we serve customers who put their health first and have a good understanding of holistic health.

Do you plan on expanding We+People’s range of products in the future?


Our range may expand slightly but will always remain fairly small. The reason being that we want to focus primarily on what we believe are the main cornerstones of health – nutrition, gut health, sleep and de-stressing.

From the We+People’s range of products that we are currently featuring on myza, which is your best seller generally, and why is it a must-have for our customers?


Our customers really love our Calm formula and I think it highlights the fast paced society we live in today. Adaptogenic herbs, ones that help regulate cortisol production which in turn helps reduce stress, are one of nature’s gifts that should be in everyone’s kitchen.


Where do you see We+People going in the next 5 years?


We are going to be partnering with some larger health stores to reach a larger audience. We are also going to be focusing a lot on gut health in the next twelve months and working on products to support this. The latest research around gut health is extremely exciting and we all need to start working on our gut health today!

Finally, a few pearls of wisdom from you! Run us through your recipe for a great night’s sleep, and some do’s and don’ts that you recommend following, or including in a pre-sleep schedule.


Allow four hours between dinner and bedtime. You don’t want to go to bed if the digestion process is still active as it will send the wrong signals to you body which will delay melatonin production.

Keep tech out of the bedroom or on airplane mode. There is new research on EMFs as well as blue light that demonstrate its interference with melatonin production as well. This is not pseudoscience (as large corporations want us to believe) this is real.

If you tend to have an active mind in the evenings, try a natural sleep aid thirty minutes before bed and then pick up a book. The book will focus your mind away from the thoughts that tend to keep you awake. Managing your emotional diet via healthy distractions (books) is very effective. If you don’t read much, then do a crossword!

Light yoga and meditation is also very powerful if you can work that into your routine because learning to stabilise your attention and be present in the moment means that stress will literally melt away and set you up for a good night’s sleep.

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