In Conversation With: Roques O’Neil Therapie

Not all heroes wear capes, and this is especially true of Michelle Roques O’Neil, who channels her powers of aromatherapy, reiki and numerology to make us feel better and give back to the world.

“I wanted to create something that sustains wellness, and something that gives people the opportunity to reclaim a little bit of their time and energy to make up for their daily burnout,” explains Michelle, telling me that she was compelled to create a product that is relevant to the time we live in – meaning the hectic, schedule-filled present life filled with duties and responsibilities.

It was this passion that drove her to start Roques O’Neil Therapie: a brand that is charged with good energy and positive vibes in its lotions, bath salts and shower creams, to gives us the chance to make us think about our responsibilities to ourselves.

Roques O'Neil Therapie Inner Light Calm Balm
Roques O’Neil Therapie Inner Light Calm Balm

The daughter of jazz musicians, Michelle spent her formative years in India and Pakistan and was struck from a young age by the surrounding colours and smells of traditional spices and daily life. “I remember being taken to the temples and smelling sandalwood or roses. Or walking through a bazaar and smelling cinnamon, lemons and chillies. I was just so intrigued by all the gorgeous scents around me, and I think that’s when my journey into aromatherapy really began,” she tells me, taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

And she hasn’t looked back since. Taking that spirituality (“to me, India is my soul place. There was just so much life that blended in to all the daily activity, and I think that’s made me very aware of my own mindfulness and appreciation in the basic elements of life, like smells!”) and fusing it with her training under renowned aromatherapist pioneer Micheline Arcier, Michelle launched the brand back in 2012 to bring the power of scents to the forefront.

It came at an opportune moment. “I remember back when I had just started everything, there was a lot of talk mental health issues and stress, which were all leading to symptoms like fatigue and insomnia,” Michelle recalls, explaining that her products are designed specifically to target these issues. “It’s for the busy, overstretched individuals who know they need a little help to calm themselves, and want something that goes beyond medical support,” she tells me, noting that her customers generally strive to immerse themselves in wellness – not simply just as a practice, but rather as a philosophy as well.

For this reason, Michelle tells me that the Himalayan Detox Salts are just perfect for the overworked individual. Made using rose geranium, lavender and patchouli scents for their calming and sedative properties, a soak in a tub full of these salts guarantees to soothe the mind and soul in preparation for a blissful and stress-free slumber. With 86 minerals to its name, it’s no wonder the salts are the brand’s number one “hero product”.

Roques O'Neil Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts
Roques O’Neil Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts

Its goodness doesn’t end there!

“I’m a reiki master, so every product that I make is charged with a certain energy that I create and transfer using my reiki skills. With these detox salts in particular, I transfer the powers of deep and nourishing sleep, which are aided by the use of amethyst crystals which discharge a very positive energy and expel the negativity.”

While all Roques O’Neil Therapie products use scents from essential oils and their individual properties to influence a state of mind, the brand is head and shoulders above others in its ability to transform an individual’s state of mind. “So many of our customers have told me that the products have uplifted and nourished them, beyond a physical level. This is incredible to hear, knowing that all the aromatherapy, reiki, crystal therapy and numerology skills have truly resonated with people and have been instrumental in calming them down for a less stressed life,” Michelle shares with me.

“It really is all about striking that balance between work responsibilities, and duties to yourself, be it from a perspective of passion, spirituality, or just simply being. We’ve not tackled sleep properly in the past, and it’s time that we did, because it’s all just a state of mind and we need to take the initiative to de-stress ourselves in order to sleep, and to be.”

Roques O'Neil Therapie Inner Light Sleep Drops
Roques O’Neil Therapie Inner Light Sleep Drops

And that’s precisely what Roques O’Neil Therapie is there to do: help us achieve that much-needed sleep and inner serenity in order to be our best possible selves. With the Inner Light range there to amplify our inner spirituality and strike an emotional balance, and a new pillow spray in the pipelines featuring hemp and frangonia essential oils for sedative and anxiety-relieving properties, it’s clear that the brand has its best interests in our wellbeing.

After all, “it’s about making the little moments worth it!”

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