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For those of us who flit from country to country, be it out of pleasure or for business, we know all too well the impact jetlag has on our mental and physical health. We become grumpier, our skin looks awful, and we tend to feel more lethargic as a result of the lost sleep.

And nobody knows this better than Jo Foster, marketing genius and globe-trotter extraordinaire, who states that she felt like she spent at least four years completely jetlagged.

“One minute I was in Buenos Aires, and the next minute it was Shanghai, and in the middle I was back home in England. I feel like you can cope with this crazy work life in your 20s, but when you get to your 30s you realise that you need your weekends to recover. And when I hit 40 I just thought to myself ‘Oh my goodness, things need to change, and I need something to help me deal with the jetlag and tiredness.’”

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Lo and behold, Jo established Kiss The Moon in North Yorkshire; born out of the need to control and minimise the effects of jetlag, and sustained to ensure the best sleep possible in a world as crazy and hectic as ours.

Calling themselves the Beauty Sleep Specialists, and boasting the promise that everyone should “sleep beautifully”, Kiss The Moon is all about steering clear of artificial preservatives and harsh chemicals to create products that are 100% naturally sourced, and 100% dedicated to improving the quality of sleep from the perspective of health and wellness.

“We talk about good diets and the importance of exercise to healthy lifestyles, but we must remember that we also spend a third of our lives asleep! We need to remember that good quality sleep is a fundamental part of our lives, and Kiss The Moon just gives us a nudge in the right direction.”

The trick, Jo says, is in our noses.

“I was looking for ways in which you could influence your sleep for the better, and I found out that our sleep patterns and regulations are controlled by the same bit of the brain that controls your sense of smell. That was an incredible discovery, and it set me down the road of aromatherapy, and to explore various blends of scents to look after your sleep and skin.”

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A crucial part of the Kiss The Moon routine is to deeply inhale the products to let the aromas envelop you with a sense of tranquillity before peacefully dozing off to dreamland. Beyond just using lavender for its popular calming properties, Kiss The Moon also stars essential oils of rose, jasmine, chamomile and neroli to put the mind to rest just before succumbing to slumber.

The ode to beautiful sleeping doesn’t end there, and extends to “not just when you hear it or smell it, but also when you see it and touch it,” noting the sensual colour scheme of blacks, whites and purples to create an instantaneous feel of relaxation and bliss. But Jo says the colours also serve a more practical purpose. “The dark packaging means that less light reaches the products, which lessens and slows down the deterioration of the preservative-free essential oils,” she explains, comparing it to brands which use clear or light-coloured bottles.

When asked how we decide which essential oils work the best for us, she says the answers all lie within ourselves!

“Quite basically, essential oils are used because they work, especially when it comes to reducing stress levels and soothing the mind. And we’ve done lots of research with the aromas to see what each essential oil brings to the table and how they work with each other. Every combination is unique in what effect it has on the user, and so it’s up to them to decide what they want to get out of the essential oil experience.”

It’s no wonder the Dream and Glow collections are stellar in the sleep department. Dream – with calming lavender, chamomile and bergamot for a touch of freshness – acts as a lullaby in bottle form, whilst the Glow blend, with beautifully sweet orange blossom and geranium, nourishes dry and dehydrated skin from within. Created with base oil foundations of apricot kernel and rosehip seed to lock in moisture and enrich us with antioxidants, it’s clear that these best sellers are these to restore calm and balance, both in the mind and in the skin.



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It’s now, in the midst of our busy schedules and overwhelming social calendars, that Jo insists that we pay attention to and invest in our sleep quality.

“We live in a stressful world, and it’s only now that people are starting to take charge of their wellness. Only now are people realising that they have to look after themselves,” she explains, stating that Kiss The Moon is a mere medium through which we take back the lost time, be it from jetlag or mere work responsibilities, and restore that pre-sleep peace and calm.

“Take back those 20 minutes at the end of the day. We spend our day running around, and often for other people. But the last 20 minutes of the day should be yours, and yours alone.”

After all, “sleep is going nowhere,” says Jo, so we might as well make it as pleasurable and luxurious as possible.

Good night, Sleeping Beauty.

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