Collingwood & Hay – Organic Cotton Towels Review

Collingwood & Hay

How stylish is your bathroom? For most people, the bathroom is where they do their whole personal-care routine so considering the amount of time you spend there, it makes sense to transform it into an indulgent haven and somewhere you actually want to linger. A towel can make or break a relaxing bathing experience. With the wrong one, your skin can feel dehydrated and scratchy but with the right towel, it can feel plump, soft and revitalised. And that’s not even mentioning the sheer bliss of wrapping yourself up in the comfort of a beautifully soft, fluffy bath towel.

When it comes to skincare, the soft fibres of cotton are great for reducing harmful friction on the skin, are natural for the environment, and are also hypoallergenic. So, whether you’re looking to jumpstart a new personal-care routine, or for a new set of towels to transform your bathroom into a spa-like destination, we suggest you take a closer look at environmentally conscious, new brand Collingwood & Hays London, its luxury cotton towels are ultra-absorbent, wonderfully soft, and completely self-indulgent.

All of its towels are made from a high-quality, 100 percent organic terry cotton sourced from the Aegean region of Turkey. These means the cotton is grown without pesticides and manufactured without toxic chemicals and dyes so is free from harmful chemicals. Aegean organic cotton has a rarity value, it is long, strong and exceptionally absorbent with a unique white colour, and a natural lustre. Importantly, the cotton is handpicked rather than machine picked to ensure that the cotton strands can be preserved in the longest threads possible, as the longer the threads, the softer, more durable and more luxurious the cotton. The cotton is woven in Portugal by a family firm who have been weaving since the middle of the last century.

What also makes these towels extra-special, though, is that they are “super combed”, using combed cotton for both the backing and the pile so they are softer, stronger and smoother than regular cotton fibres – and delightfully comforting against bare skin. They are the perfect choice for sensitive skins which chafe under lesser towels, as they are super soft, and they became even softer with each wash. Having sampled the towels over the past ten days, I can definitely vouch for their superior qualities.

The collection comes in white, so will looks stylish with other shades or will make a chic statement on its own. And two limited edition lines “First Wave” and “Ripples” also incorporate unique designs in grey and white, at each end. The full set comes with a hand towel, bath towel, and bath sheet, and unlike cheaper alternatives, these towels have exceptional durability and are made to last. So, I strongly recommend you snap up a set of these finest quality towels and check out for yourself how beautifully soft, absorbent and luxurious they are. You won’t regret it.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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