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Chalk Pink Linen Company – Bed Linen Review

Chalk Pink Linen Company’s luxurious linen bedding is crafted from 100% European flax and stonewashed to make the fabric super soft, I therefore had high expectations of the bed linen even before I had slept in it and I was definitely not disappointed. There are the beautiful subtle tones of its colour palette for starters; from ‘Still White’, ‘Tumbled Grey’, ‘Secret Grey’, its signature colour ‘Chalk Pink’, and my own personal favourite, ‘Whisper Blue’ – a wonderfully calming powder blue reminiscent of ‘warm coastal waters’ – to ‘Blackest Blue’ with its dark moody overtones. Each bed linen set is finished with mother-of-pearl buttoning for added luxury. The colours are designed to be mixed and matched to create a unique look to suit all tastes. Individual pieces can be brought separately, however, investing in a bedding bundle saves you 10 per cent and includes a combination of two colours which work perfectly with each other. It also include within its ranges bedding sets for children.

Chalk Pink Linen Company
Chalk Pink Linen Company bed linen comes in a variety of colours including Blackest Blue, Tumbled Grey, Chalk Pink, Still White and Whisper Blue

I found the bed linen sumptuously soft to start with and it became even more so after washing. That’s one of the joys of linen, it just gets better with age and a good quality set, such as the one I was trialling from Chalk Pink Linen Company should last many years proving a great investment.

I enjoyed a really good night’s sleep in the set despite it being a particularly cold night. Pure linen sheets are naturally breathable so help keep you warm in the winter and cool throughout the summer. They are also great if you suffer from allergens or sensitive skin as they have anti-allergic properties. Needing only water to grow, they are made from the flax plant – a renewable source that is fully biodegradable, so they tick all the boxes when it comes to eco-credentials. Plus, they are also extremely low maintenance requiring no ironing – the charming slightly crumpled look of the linen bedding created a relaxed, very on-trend feel for my bedroom.

Chalk Pink Linen Company
European Flax Linen Colour Bed Set – Whisper Blue From £216.00

One additional point to mention, forget thread count when selecting linen, a high thread count normally equates to luxury so far as cotton bed linen is concerned, however linen will typically have a lower count as it’s bulkier and more durable than cotton, thus its longevity.

Chalk Pink Linen Company, a family run business, produces beautifully soft, gorgeous looking linen bedding, which I can guarantee will not only enhance your bedroom interior but also the quality of your night’s sleep.

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