Brrrrrace Yourselves

UK folk, if you’ve stepped foot outside of your homes this winter, you’ll have noticed that we’re in the midst of a crazy snowmageddon that we’re just simply not prepared for. With snow piling up outside our houses, TfL breaking down (not entirely out of the ordinary, however) and road closures due to iciness, the UK Met Office has christened these arctic weather conditions as the “Beast from the East”. Now, while we may not be able to control what’s happening outside, we can take preventive measures from within the comfort and cosiness of our homes to stay as warm as possible; beat the Siberian chills with some myza goodies to keep toasty during these February blizzards.

Cuddles & Snuggles

Look no further than Coze if you think the best way to escape the blizzardy blues is to stay wrapped up in bed with Netflix or a novel. Not a blanket of snow, but rather a blanket of ultra-soft warmth, get Coze-y under a Danan Luxury Wool Blanket made entirely from (you guessed it) pure wool! Crafted in a Yorkshire mill dating back to 1783, the throw’s traditional weaving techniques ensure pockets of insulation through its design, and certainly make for an elegant and stylish addition to any bedroom. You won’t feel like moving from once you’re under.

Pair this masking experience with a soak in the tub with Drift Off ™ Mineral Bath Salts. A delicate combination of Lavender, Mandarin & Vetiver Essential Oils to calm the mind, the salts offer a luxury spa to your home, lock in moisture, and leave you soaking in pure bliss. What a great alternative to battling the freezing cold.

Drift Off ™ Mineral Bath SaltsBundles of Joy

A hot water bottle needs no explanation – its mere existence is comforting to the cold mind, body and soul on unexpectedly freezing nights like these. Blue Creatures Linen Wheat Bag – Hot and Cold Pack are available in two funky prints to keep you cosy on the couch or in bed, and completely free of all chills.

Blue Creatures Linen Wheat Bag – Hot and Cold Pack

Wearable Warmth

Our heavy coats are designed for the outdoors, but what about when we’re inside and still cold? House Babylon takes care of that issue for you, and gives you the chance to stay toasty indoors with their Organic Turkish Bathrobe. Available in grey and royal navy blue, the fluffy robes are fashioned from pure cotton produced in Turkey, and come with a wide shawl collar, turn-back sleeves and a tie belt and pockets for a snug fit. Fashionable with a laid-back aesthetic, the robes are perfect to snuggle into after work.

Be Tea Cosy

It’s a snow day today in many parts of the country, and what better way to spend it than nursing a warm cuppa whilst lounging on the couch? Hoogly Tea has the perfect solution: ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ And Comforting Tea Trio. It provides us with three types of brews (Chill Out Mint Herbal Infusion, Rhubarb and Vanilla Green Tea, and Around the Fire Black and Oolong Tea) to sip on, as well as the chance to read an inspiring book on the Danish concept of hygge and cosiness by Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. Let’s get couch comfy and ready.


By The Myza Editorial Team

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